Jenni Källberg, Sweden

Jenni Kallberg Metroid

Name: Jenni Källberg.

Nationality: Swedish.

Education / line of profession: IT-technician.


When and how did you first hear about anime and manga?When I was five years old. I lived in Japan at the time.


What anime/manga made the biggest impression on you? It's really hard to choose one but my top picks are Sailor Moon, Rurouni Kenshin, Hunter X Hunter, Berserk and Akira.


What is cosplay to you? It's about unleashing my creativity and having fun. I've always loved to draw, craft, sew etc. so cosplay is a great way for me to be creative and in my way pay a tribute to the character and try to bring her/him to life. It's also very refreshing to step out of my own shell for one day and become a character that I admire. I also enjoy meeting new people with the same interests.


What has been the most fun and challenging costume to craft/construct? My latest Varia and Gravity Suit from Metroid. It's the most challenging costume I've made so far and I'm really happy with the result.


What would be your dream costume to make? I've already made it XD. My dream costume was the Varia and Gravity Suit from Metroid.

Jenni Kallberg Zelda