Yaya Han, China/USA

Yaya Han (Fighting Stance)

Yaya Han is a costume designer, model and cosplay entertainer with 13 years of experience. After discovering cosplay at her first convention over a decade ago, she quickly absorbed the heart and soul of costume design and creation. To this day Yaya has made 200 (and counting) costumes in the genres of anime/manga, comic books, video games, sci-fi and of course from her own original designs. Her intricate and lavish creations have won many awards and much acclaim world wide, and Yaya has been featured in a myriad of magazines, websites, and television programming.

Commercially, Yaya’s visage has been drawn, painted and sculpted by a number of noted professional artists and she enjoys modeling and collaborating with photographers and artists. Additionally, Yaya has taught a multitude of panels on costume craftsmanship, presentation, makeup, wigs and more; and judged as well as hosted countless costume contests and performed in front of many peers and fans alike on stage.

Over the past several years, Yaya has traveled to a long roster of conventions and events within the USA as well as internationally as a Guest of Honor. Yaya is a strong advocate of preserving cosplay as an art form and encourages and mentors new cosplayers to improve their craftsmanship constantly.

She is excited to visit Denmark for the first time and can't wait to meet all the attendees and cosplayers! For more information, visit www.yayahan.com.


Name: Yaya Han.

Nationality: Chinese, residing in USA.

Education / line of profession: Costume designer/maker and cosplayer.

When and how did you first hear about anime and manga? I grew up with manga and anime! When I was a little kid I already loved both.

What anime/manga made the biggest impression on you? Rose of Versailles, Lodoss Wars, Ranma ½! Manga-wise, Ouke no Monshou changed my life!

What is cosplay to you? Endless limitless creativity!

What has been the most fun and challenging costume to craft/construct? Carmilla from Vampire Hunter D! I worked obsessively on Carmilla for almost 6 weeks while simultaneously making another elaborate costume, Dawn. It was a crazy and fun experience.

What would be your dream costume to make? I am gathering materials for Odette from Odin Sphere. That one will be interesting to make, and very painful to wear lol. I have other dreams but do not wish to reveal them yet!

Yaya Han