Extreme Cosplay Gathering

Extreme Cosplay Gathering at Japan Expo

The Extreme Cosplay Gathering (ECG), an international cosplay event with roots in Europe’s biggest event for Japanese culture, Japan Expo (France), was established for the purpose of bringing together the different cosplay communities in Europe, to help them share their passion for cosplay, meet new friends and compete on the biggest stage in Europe.

Currently, the ECG features one category for all; both for solo and groups (2-4 man). This allows the participating cosplayers to choose the type of performance they feel most comfortable with. In the solo discipline, where the cosplayer is alone on stage, he or she can really draw emphasis on him- or herself, while the group discipline allows for more a wide range of dynamic performances. Then, it's up to the judges to decide whether we will send a group or a soloist to represent Denmark at the finale. 

With no less than 11 participating countries, each with their own set of national preliminaries as well as the grand final round at Japan Expo, the ECG is one of the largest cosplay events in the world. In 2024, for the first time, non-European countries will compete at ECG, with USA and Australia as the first.

J-Popcon has the honour of being host for the Danish preliminary rounds of the ECG. The selection of the Danish representatives takes place during the Danish Cosplay Championship (DCC) at the annual convention held at DGI-Byen in Copenhagen. The representatives will be sent on an all-paid trip to Japan Expo in the beginning of July to participate in the ECG finals in front of an audience of a 15.000 people as well as take part in photoshoots, interviews, smaller stage appearances, other related events and social gatherings.

The finals are around the first weekend of July. Departure from Denmark typically on a wednesday, with a return on the following Monday.

Who represented Denmark in the past?


2023 Mirazie Cosplay

2021 TKN Cosplay

2019 REEF Cosplay

2018 Lupin - Costume & Performance Artist

2017 Night Cosplay 

2016 Samie

2015 TinYasuo

2014 Liv-is-alive

2013 Yoshu Cosplay

2012 Liv-is-alive

2011 Winther Cosplay


2024 Strange Panda & Clumsy Kitty

2023 Amalia Cosplay, Zita & TinYasuo

2021 Shinji Costumes & Tailoring & Lupin - Costume & Performance Artist

2019 MeanKitteh Cosplay & LightSpeed Cosplay

2018 Cherryzard Cosplay & Fëanor Cosplay and Crafts

2017 Gwan Cosplay & Amalia Cosplay

2016 ChikaraCosplay, Mirazie Cosplay & Zuum Cosplay

2015 Lupin - Costume & Performance Artist & Lillyn Cosplay

2014 Bára Cosplay & Zuum Cosplay

2013 Lupin - Costume & Performance Artist & Samie

2012 Ida Kirkegaard, Cherryzard Cosplay & Sigge Ludvigsen

2011 Surine Cosplay & Abena Kuranchie


Previous Danish winners at ECG:


2nd place - Mirazie Cosplay | Snow White, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

3rd place - Amalia Cosplay, Zita & TinYasuo | Little Nightmares


Best Wig Award by Arda Wigs - Samie | Ursula, Disney Dolls Collection


1st place - TinYasuo | Benten, Zone-00


3rd place - Lupin - Costume & Performance Artist & Lillyn Cosplay | Fili & Kili, The Hobbit


3rd place - Lupin - Costume & Performance Artist & Samie | Rumpelstiltskin & Snow White, One Upon A Time


2nd place - Ida Kirkegaard, Cherryzard Cosplay & Sigge Ludvigsen | Paula Souwauski, Esther Blanchett & Seth Nightlord, Trinity Blood