European Cosplay Gathering


Over the last decade, interest in Japanese anime and manga has been spreading at an ever increasing rate throughout Europe and large conventions and expos are now to be found in almost every country of the EU. A part of these events that has become close to essential is the cosplay shows and competitions, where contestants display their skills in costume making and ability to act on stage.

The general level of cosplay seen in the individual European countries cosplay communities is fairly strong, even when comparing on a worldwide scale, and even though some international cosplay events due exist, there hasn’t been any that tried to encompass Europe as a whole. In 2010, a new event which has aimed to take on that challenge saw the light of day.


The European Cosplay Gathering (ECG), an international cosplay event with roots in Europe’s biggest event for Japanese culture, Japan Expo (France), was established for the purpose of bringing together the different cosplay communities in Europe, to help them share their passion for cosplay, meet new friends and compete on the biggest stage in Europe.


Currently, the ECG features 2 categories; a solo and a group (2-3 man) discipline. This allows the participating cosplayers to choose the type of performance they feel most comfortable with. In the solo discipline, where the cosplayer is alone on stage, he or she can really draw emphasis on him- or herself, while the group discipline allows for more a wide range of dynamic performances.


With no less than 11 participating countries, each with their own set of national preliminaries as well as the grand final round at Japan Expo, the ECG is one of the largest cosplay events in the world.


J-Popcon has the honour of being host for the Danish preliminary rounds of the ECG. The selection of the Danish representatives takes place during the Danish Cosplay Championship (DCC) at the annual convention held at DGI-Byen in Copenhagen.


The representatives will be sent on an all-paid trip to Japan Expo in the beginning of July to participate in the ECG finals in front of an audience of a 15.000 people as well as take part in photoshoots, interviews, smaller stage appearances, other related events and social gatherings.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the European Cosplay Gathering?

European Cosplay Gathering, abbreviated ECG, is an international cosplay event, hosted by Japan Expo and its partners.

How does the ECG function on a practical level?

The 11 participating countries, each with their own set of preliminaries within the two disciplines (solo and group), sends their finalists, accompanied by a preliminary round host convention organizer, to Japan Expo in France to compete in the grand finals and other related events and social gatherings.

When and where is the Danish preliminary round for the ECG?

The Danish preliminary round for the ECG is held at the annual convention for Japanese pop culture, J-Popcon, located in central Copenhagen. The specific time of the selections varies from year to year, depending on the convention schedule.

When is the finals?

The finals are around the first weekend of July. Departure from Denmark typically on a wednesday, with a return on the following Monday.

Which countries participate in the ECG?

  • Belgium
  • Denmark
  • France
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Spain
  • Switzerland
  • Netherlands
  • United Kingdom
  • Poland

Who represented Denmark in the past?


2017Niklas Frandsen

2016 Maria Raarup Corell

2015 Alex Hvidberg

2014 Liv Winkelmann

2013 Josefine Hansen

2012 Liv Winkelmann

2011 Mona Winther


2017 Emma Petersen & Amalia Clemmensen

2016 Louise Hjuler Larsen, Lea Olsen & Sabine Larsen

2015 Line Maria Eriksen & Louise Eriksen

2014 Bára Krossteig & Sabine Larsen

2013 Line Maria Eriksen & Maria Raarup Corell

2012 Ida Kirkegaard, Anne Sofie Andersen & Sigge Ludvigsen

2011 Sørine Karlsson & Abena Kuranchie

Where can I find more info on the ECG?

Official website




I have further questions about the Danish preliminary round. What do I do?

If you have any further questions regarding ECG and the Danish preliminary round, please send us a mail to with ECG included as the first word in the subject line.