The reception

  • I have lost/found something during J-Popcon - what do I do?

    The reception is responsible for lost and found items during J-Popcon, so address it there. :)

  • An item of mine has been stolen - where do I go?

    Contact the reception and they will contact the relevant people.

  • Who do I contact after J-Popcon if I have lost something?

    Check J-Popcon’s webpage, write to info@j-popcon.dk, or write to our Facebook page. Lost items will be kept for a brief period of time after J-Popcon.

  • I have a disability or handicap and therefore need access to my helper, my guide dog, or service dog. Is this possible at J-Popcon?

    It is always very important for us that our guests are comfortable. Those of you who need it, can bring your helper along for free if you show an official helper card (ledsagerkort) when you check in. The card must be issued by the Danish Handicap Organizations or similar. You do not need to buy a ticket for your helper as they are there to support you. Service dogs are also allowed. 


The arrival, stay, and accommodation

  • What do I do when I arrive?

    The first thing you must do is to obtain your wristband. The reception, which is right at the entrance at the DGI Conference, can hand you your wristband.
    It will be much quicker if you bring your ticket receipt. If you have not signed up beforehand, or you have forgotten your receipt, you must refer yourself to the reception immediately.

    You cannot enter J-Popcon’s area without your wristband since you will be stopped by our guards. 

  • Can I pick up my wristband before J-Popcon begins?

    Yes - we open our check-in Friday at 12:00. Here you can pick up your wristband and the program.
    However, you are not allowed to enter J-Popcon’s area until J-Popcon has officially begun, which starts around 16:00.

  • Where can I place my luggage?

    J-Popcon offers a wardrobe for coats, small backpacks, bags, and other kinds of clothing.
    The wardrobe is not used for larger backpacks and suitcases, and we reserve the rights to reject any of these items. You can find the wardrobe at Øksnehallen. 

  • Why must the wardrobe have my name and phone number?

    It sadly happens that items sometimes are forgotten at the wardrobe or that we, for some reason, need to contact the owner due to some effects in the wardrobe. This is why we request your name and phone number.

  • Is there a sleeping hall at J-Popcon?

    J-Popcon is a large convention and we cannot offer accommodation to everybody. Therefore, there is a limited amount of sleeping spots for the guests at J-Popcon. As a gopher, maid, or butler, it is possible to sleep in J-Popcon staff-sleeping hall at the DGI-byen area. 

  • Can I sleep on J-Popcon’s area?

    It is not allowed to sleep on J-Popcon area due to fire safety rules and everyone’s (especially those who are sleeping) safety. The gophers, guards, and organisers are all instructed to wake up the sleeping guests, and in particular cases, we can be forced to ostracize the guests. 

  • Where can I find a place for the night?

    Copenhagen is a large city and the DGI-byen is placed in the centre of Copenhagen. There are many hotels and hostels close to DGI-byen.

  • Where can I find something to eat and drink?

    We have a collaboration with a couple of Japanese restaurants which will set up a food stand at the convention, so you can enjoy Japanese food without having to leave the convention area.
    At Hovedbanegården, right next to the DGI-byen, you will find many well-known fast-food restaurants. There are also kiosks, 7-elevens, and supermarkets within the area. 

  • Where do I find an ATM?

    You can find ATM’s at Danske Bank, Nordea, Jyske Bank, Lån og Spar as well as Merkur at Vesterbrogade.   



  • What am I allowed to cosplay as?

    There are no limits to who you may as at J-Popcon, as long as you abide by J-Popcon’s rules and the ordinary Danish laws. If you are in doubt if your cosplay is allowed or abide the laws, then write to info@j-popcon.dk

    Regarding J-Popcon’s cosplay competitions, these special rules apply. 

  • Am I allowed to bring weapons?

    You may only bring prop-weapons that do not cause harm towards other guests and that they abide to the Danish weapons law and J-Popcon’s rules. Prop weapons and other props, which are more than one meter from the longest part, are prohibited from shows, the cinema, and other places which are not open areas. Generally speaking, you must follow the staff’s and gopher’s instructions, and if you are asked to pack your weapon or prop away, you must do so. You are not allowed to fight or in any other way disturb in crowded areas, but you are allowed to swing your weapon or prop in the open area if there are no people close to you. It is always your responsibility to avoid hurting others and to not be a disturbance towards the other guests.

    Please read about our weapons rules.

    Regarding J-Popcon’s cosplay competitions, these special rules apply. 

  • Am I allowed to make an act at J-Popcon?

    You are allowed to pose, make an act, or in any other way perform or showcase your cosplay as long as you are not disturbing the other guests or blocking the way. You must always follow the instructions from the staff or gophers. See the question above for details about weapons and props. See the question below regarding participating in J-Popcon’s cosplay shows. 

  • How do I participate in J-Popcon’s cosplay shows?

    J-Popcon has two cosplay shows and each of them have different rules. In order to participate in a cosplay show, you must have bought a ticket for J-Popcon. Afterwards, you must fill out a special cosplay form. If you are chosen as a participant, there is an additional requirement. You can read more about it in the rules for J-Popcon’s cosplay shows

  • Can I participate in both cosplay shows?

    It is possible to participate in both shows, but not with the same act.

  • I am under 16/under 18 - Am I allowed to participate in J-Popcon’s cosplay shows?

    No - we cannot exempt from the rules about the minimum age limit. 


Gophers, maids & butlers, and other helpers

  • What is a gopher?

    J-Popcon’s gophers are voluntary helpers who work during J-Popcon in order to give everyone a really good experience. Without the gophers and their huge engagement, it would not be possible to host J-Popcon. Gophers are given free entrance to J-Popcon as well as accommodation, so it is an easy and cheap way to participate in J-Popcon which also gives insight to how such a huge event as J-Popcon is held. 

  • Who can become a gopher?

    All who are of the age of 18 or above can become a gopher. J-Popcon will enquire a children's certificate from all gophers (and all organisers), and a written acceptance must be given.

  • How do I sign up as a gopher?

    By using the normal sign up, but choosing "Gopher" under membership type.

  • What does a maid/butler do?

    As a maid or butler, you are part of J-Popcon’s Maid Café team. You can choose between working as a waiter or working in the bar, and be a part of a small, cosy team. Maids and butlers have the same perks as gophers during J-Popcon.

    Read more about maids & butlers

  • Do I need to bring my own maid/butler uniform with me?

    No - J-Popcon will take care of the uniforms. :)

  • Why do I have to pay a deposit to become a gopher/maid/butler?

    The deposit is our guarantee that you show up to your shifts. It will not be refunded if your obligations have not been met as a maid, butler, or gopher during J-Popcon.   

  • How does the accommodation work?

    J-Popcon has reserved spots in our sleeping halls for maids, butlers, and gophers (as well as other staff). Please make sure to bring a warm sleeping bag and a good groundsheet.

  • Can I keep my gopher T-shirt?

    Yes - the gopher T-shirt is all yours. :)

  • Why is the gopher T-shirt bright orange?

    The gophers' and organisers' T-shirts have a clear and distinctive colour which are easy to spot in the crowd. It makes it easy for us and the guests to find and recognise gophers and the staff, if it is necessary. It is also helpful when we need to gather the staff and gophers, or even when evacuating DGI-byen. 

  • What must I bring with me as a gopher, maid, or butler?

    Equipment and sleepover gear for a weekend, as well as a warm sleeping bag (read the question stated above about accommodation). There are no other requirements, unless you receive a message about it.
    A small flashlight can be a good idea since the sleeping hall can be dark. 

  • I already bought a ticket, but I want to be a gopher/maid/butler - what do I do?

    Write to tilmelding@j-popcon.dk in order to get a refund or change your membership type.
    Remember to write if you want to be a gopher, maid, or butler instead. 



  • I have sent you a mail but have not receive an answer - why are you so slow?

    J-Popcon is driven by volunteers in their spare time. Volunteers, who also have a job, family, and studies which must be taken care of. We receive a lot of mails every day, all round the year. Sometimes we are a bit slow because we do not have the answer at the time being. That is why we are sometimes a bit slow, since we are digging through the mails.

    If you have not received an answer after a few weeks (or if there is a deadline), then do write again, or send an enquiry to info@j-popcon.dk about it. 

  • Why is [X] not open yet?

    The sign ups and other services, which are opened before J-Popcon, are opened as soon as it is possible. Most of the time, the preparation material and rules need to be in order before we can open up. Most of the time, we must wait for an external partner to finish up their part or finalise the agreement before we can open a sign up. In the meanwhile, we need to change the sign-up producers in order to incorporate the changes in rules or competition-formats.

    We do not think it is fun to hold you back, and we working as hard as possible to smooth things out, and as fast as humanly possible. :)   
  • Who is BatteryBoy and WingGirl?

    BatteryBoy and WinGgirl are J-Popcon's two mascots. They have throughout the years been drawn by many different people and in different variations. You can find them on J-Popcon's website and in many of our published materials.