Sascha Nielsen, Denmark


Name: Sascha Nielsen

Age: 22

Country and Current Hometown: Aalborg, Denmark

Height: 170 cm

Blood type: A +

Occupation: Student


Describe yourself:

I really love to make cosplays. Because I can neither sing, dance or draw, it is the only way I can express myself creatively. It's not just for myself I sew, I have also created a good deal of cosplays for friends and acquaintances.

However, I am incredibly lazy when it comes to pulling myself together to sew cosplays. There are so many other things on which I spend my spare time, such as laughing with my friends, playing lots of games and taking pictures.

And if you could only use one word?: Nerdy.

What does Japanese popular culture mean to you?:

The Japanese popculture has many sub-genres, from cosplay to Japanese food and on to many different Japanese clothing styles. There is something for everyone and there is a great community around it.

Tell us about your first meeting with J-pop culture:

I actually grew up with it. I have adult brothers and one of them began to take an interest in anime in the early '90s. I remember we used to watch "scary" cartoons together every Saturday night - it should be said that movies like Akira and Ghost in the Shell are pretty scary when you are only 4-5 years old. :).

What do you look forward to experience at J-Popcon 2011:

What I'm most looking forward to at J-Popcon is obviously the cosplay show, meeting new people and of course my wonderful friends!

Favourite series / character's in anime and / or manga:

Some of my favorite series are Nana, Slayers, Triguns, Cowboy Bebop, Tengen, Toppa Gurren Lagann and Neon Genesis Evangelion.

How many years have you cosplayed?:

I had my first public debut cosplaying at J-Popcon 2005, so this is my sixth year.

Which awards to have you won?: I've never had the desire to participate in a cosplay show, despite having many ideas for acts. But it may be coming one day in the future :)

What is the most important thing in cosplay? In other words what is your focus? (Act, in-character, craft and so on):

The important thing for me is to make something I think is fun, that at the same time challenges me to be innovative when I make the costume. Additionally, it would never occur to me to cosplay a character I'm not crazy about. I think it's a little silly to cosplay if you just do it to get other people's recognition and attention.

Final words:

I'm really honored to be selected as a judge for this year's J-Popcon and I look forward to enjoying people's cosplay acts! To all you others, I hope that you get a fantastic convention filled with friends and happy memories!

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