Yamazaki Urita

LostandFound2Together with Comic Party, J-Popcon is proud to present the Japanese manga-illustrator Yamazaki Urita, who will visit J-Popcon to talk about her work and show her wonderful illustrations. Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon there will be talks at the large hall Forsamlingshuset, right next to Artist Alley which Yamazaki Urita will also guest during the convention. Enjoy some of her illustrations right here.

Comic Party will also participate in the Dealer Room as well as the Artist Alley where several illustrators from the magazine will showcase their work. They are looking forward to meet everyone. You can read more about Comic Party and their releases here.

BeforeNow                         The picture above shows her drawing style from before and up to present day.


                              Yamazaki is 25 year old and has been drawing since she was 10 years old.
                 The last ten years, she has used the same pencil for sketching and drawing Lost and Found.
                                    She works with SAI and photoshop for digital illustrations.
                          She is fan of Dragon Quest 6 (japanese RPG game) og Precure (Pretty Cure)




> My work as an illustrator:
I work in Japan for a online game and roleplaying game company called TommyWalker. I draw in detail backgrounds and characters. I plan to publish a picture book with an acquaintance I met through the website in 2012.

> How many years have I been drawing:
I have been drawing manga where human characters appear for about 15 years. I do have memory of drawing animal like characters and such when I was small, but I do not remember when I actually started to be able to draw pictures. As it was when I was very small, I do not remember as much, but when I started to draw human characters for the first time, I felt somewhat very embarassed.


> The tools, programs used for drawing:
I draw Lost and Found and other sketches with my beloved mechanical pencil that I have been using for close to 10 years now. For colour, I use COPIC sketch markers for paper illustrations (It is a colour pen/marker from a Japanese company). I have many different colours, about 130. I originally had interest in collecting drawing materials, so I have yet to use them, but I have about 500 coloured pencils as well. For digital illustrations, I use photoshop for the line art, and then a program called SAI to do the colouring.

> What you would like the readers to know about you:
I love Europe to the point where I am thinking about moving there. I am very jealous of everyone, who are able to live in such a beautiful environment.