Cécile Auclair, France


Cecile OwnName: Cécile

Age: 23

Country and Home town: Paris, France

Height: 1m 65cm

Occupation: Textile Designer

Describe yourself:
Hi !! My name is Cécile and I’m a french cosplay addict! Actually I try to combine my work and my passion… It’s very hard but I hope to win this challenge by myself.

And if you could only use one word?

What do Japanese ‘pop’ culture mean to you?
It means a lot of things to me. The culture is amazing, and very different than others, which is one of the reasons I like it.

Tell us about your first meeting with ‘J-pop’ culture:
It was Japan Expo in 2007, the biggest convention in France. I was a little bit lost, but felt I had just entered something humongous, which I would never leave again. I think my first anime was Sailormoon, which I saw on TV when I was child… It’s just my favourite anime, but I didn’t know that it was Japanese !! (I was 8 years old)

What do you look forward to experience the most in Denmark?
I don’t look forward to something particular in Denmark I just hope to meet other people like me, with the same interests. I think the same thing gather us, but differently, I’m really looking forward to traverse this new country and meet its inhabitants of course.

Favourite series/character’s in anime and/or manga:
I’m a big fan of all anime of  Miyazaki (ok my favourite character is Totoro, but I love Mokona too!). The one I prefer to cosplay from, is Sailormoon (so easy to be a young teenager, act completely crazy, sensitive and sometime to much blond!) But my favourite manga is Clover, short and poignancy, I love the style  drawn by Clamp, and the clothes are just beautiful. I love Sailormoon of course. I also prefer XXX Holic, and Gunnm.

How many years have you cosplayed?
4 years

Which awards have you won? (year and convention)
To be honest I don’t count, but all cosplay I wear at conventions have won one price or more.

What is the most important thing in cosplay? In other words what is your focus?
I want to say that all is important, but to me, its mostly the in-character part, because if a costume is perfect but the cosplayer is just not in-character, then to me it’s not cosplay it’s just “mannequin”. I love to draw and make personal creations, but it’s different than cosplay.
I think in cosplay the most important thing, is to be proud of our cosplay, proud to be cosplayer! Not to care about the others who don’t understand and love our character…

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