Dario Albanesi, Italy


Name: Dario Albanesi

Age: *coff coff!*

Country and current home town: Florence, Italy.

Height: 182 cm

Blood type: 0 rh negative.

Occupation: public employee
Describe yourself : solar, funny, serious when needs and openmind
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And if you could only use one word? Funny
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What does Japanese ‘pop’ culture mean for you?:
A lot of things. I'm interested in Japan Culture since long time. I read things. I have been interested in Japanese culture for a long time. A lot of books, spoke with people and last summer i made a great trip in
Japan to watch all best places including WCS, Komiket and TFT.

Tell us about your first meeting with ‘J-pop’ culture :
I learned about what the first anime and manga arrived in Italy'. I playing at carnival with friends and after i took my costume to Rome. It were so few in those years ( 95-98). A lot of people started to call me with my first character and they gave me compliments because i was similar to him.

What do you look forward to experience the most in Denmark?:
I never been to Denmark so I look forward to see it.

Favourite series/character’s in anime and/or manga:
I like to change a lot and have various cosplays from videogames, horror movies and so on.

How many years have you cosplayed?
16 years

Which awards have you won? (year and convention)
A lot of prizes in all these years. Usually I’m not interest in which prizes I won. I can remember the last ons in Paris at Japan Expo as Flynn Rider from Tangled, Best single.

What is the most important thing in cosplay? In other words what is your focus? (act, in-character, craft and so on)
For me it's everything. Every focus is a piece that will make all cosplay. A lot of cosplayers are more interested in costume or making a cool photoshoot but i don't see the important part of "play" inside the word into them.

Final words:
Thank you so much for invitation and giving me a chance to visit Denmark.

Website/facebook/twitter/myspace or other contacts you like to add:Facebook, Twitter, MySpace.

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