Bell Calssara, Germany

Name: Bell CalssaraBell_11_01


Age: 23 years old.


Country: Germany


Height: 168 cm.


Blood type: 0


Occupation: Librarian and Event Manager.


Describe yourself : Hey there~ I'm a cosplay girl from Germany. Beside cosplay my hobbies are drinking tea and eating sweets <3. As a librarian, I LOOOOOVE books! I like to see cosplay in all countries and I´m very happy to be back in Denmark again!


And if you could only use one word? Bookworm ;D


What does Japanese ‘pop’ culture mean to you? It´s a really interesting culture that is different from everything else I know. I really like it, but for me it´s not like "THE ONLY" culture to go for, like a lot of other cosplayers think.


Tell us about your first meeting with ‘J-pop’ culture: Oh I think that was pretty early in my childhood days when animes like "Sailor Moon" and "Attack Nr. 1" have been aired in TV =3. Back then I did not know it was from Japan, but I found out about that soon enough ;D.


What do you look forward to experience in Denmark? Meet my old friends again and find some new awesome people <3


Favourite series/character’s in anime and/or manga: Mean question! I´m watching a lot...but here are the basic series I like: Fate/Stay Night, Claymore, Rozen Maiden, Earl and Fairy, Kaleido Star, Umineko, Gurren Lagann, Vampire Knight, Code Geass, Dantalian no Shoka, Otome Youkai Zakuro and so on...


How many years have you cosplayed? 7 years.


Which awards have you won? (year and convention)

  • 2007: 1st place on 'Hanami' convention with my "Strawberry panic" group
  • 2008: won preliminaries for WCS selection to be Team Germany 2009
  • 2010: won preliminaries for WCS selection to be Team Germany 2011


What is the most important thing in cosplay? In other words what is your focus? (act, in-character, craft and so on)

1. - Detail on costumes: make them as CLEAN as possible

2. - Presentation: present costumes on photos and in skits in-character and not the usual boring random posing

3. - Development: I try to develop my skills from costume to costume again and again to become better in acting, posing and craftsmanship.


That's the all importants to me <3


Final words

I´m really glad to be back in Denmark again! I totally love the people and I´ll always return again. We're not just Denmark and Germany, we are DENMANY!!!!