Maids & Butlers

The Maids' and Butler's registration system is now closed for 2018!

Are you interested in experiencing J-Popcon from the inside?

The Maid Cafe is looking for obliging boys and girls over 18, who wants to be a part of J-Popcon’s most versatile and extraordinary team. 

As a maid or butler in the Maid Cafe you will experience: 

  • Serving cakes and beverages
  • Socialising with our guests 
  • Dealing with money and payments.
  • Keeping the Cafe clean and tidy.

We focus on providing the best service for each and every guest in the Maid Cafe, where there is also room for socialising and having fun. With that said, we expect that you will be committed and prepared to do the given obligations with a smile. 



As a maid and butler, appearance says a lot since that is how we sell best, which is why it is highly appreciated to have a certain focus on looking your best. 

There will be a deposit of 250 DKK, which will be refunded after the convention if you have fulfilled your duties.