Maids & Butlers

The Maids' and Butlers' registration system is now open for 2019!

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Are you interested in experiencing J-Popcon from another angle?

The Maid Café are looking for forthcoming maids and butlers, who want to be a part of J-Popcon’s most versatile and extraordinary team.

In the Maid Café, you will among other things be:

  • Serving a selection of cake and beverages.
  • Socialising with our guests 
  • Handling accountings and keeping track on payments.
  • Taking care of tidying and cleaning of the café.

What we expect of you:

  • You have turned 18 before the beginning of the convention.
  • That you can have shifts for a minimum of 10 hours during the weekend.
  • That you are helpful and responsible as well as have a positive attitude towards making J-Popcon an amazing experience for everyone.
  • We expect that you can provide a clean statement of no previous convictions in respect of children, which we will obtain in collaboration with you.
  • That you pay a deposit of 250 DKK, which will be paid back directly after the convention. We're doing this to avoid issues with registered maids and butlers not showing up for their shifts.

What you get for being a maid/butler:

  • Free admission to the entire convention.
  • Free sleeping facilities.
  • A free lunch sandwich Saturday and Sunday.
  • Access to the Staff Lounge.
  • This year's T-shirt for all eternity. (The same as the gopher T-shirt).
  • Free coffee and tea.

You are not accepted as a maid/butler until the deposit and the statement of no previous convictions in respect of children are approved.

We in the Maid Café bring giving the best service to the individual guests into great focus, where there's also room for socialising and smalltalk. Because of this, we also expect that you're dedicated and willing to do the chores you're given and that everything is done with a smile.

We would also greatly appreciate that all butlers and maids dress up nicely to ensure that we can be most forthcoming towards the guests.

If you have any questions regarding being a part of this year's Maid Café at J-Popcon, write an email to