We are working hard to produce a fun and cozy convention for all of us, and for this vision to come true, we need the help of everyone. With all the people attending J-Popcon, it's important for people to behave in an orderly fashion. Please keep conversations and music at a descent level, and treat everyone with respect.

At J-Popcon it's the responsability of the organizers and gophers to keep peace and order, and if a conflict or similar arises, they have the final say. We do however hope that you will help us make sure, we won't have to intervene at any time. A professionel security firm has been hired to provide security throughout the convention.


There are a few ground rules which everyone should observe:




For larger Groups and Assistance for People with Disabilities:

Schools or other institutions are welcome to contact us via email to, and we will make sure you have pleasent stay at J-Popcon. We will make sure people with disabilities are able to participate and bring an assistant. Please contact us about this in advance.