Code of Conduct

We are working hard to produce a fun and cozy convention for all of us, and for this vision to come true, we need the help of everyone. With all the people attending J-Popcon, it's important for people to behave in an orderly fashion. Please keep conversations and music at a descent level, and treat everyone with respect.

At J-Popcon it's the responsability of the organizers and gophers to keep peace and order, and if a conflict or similar arises, they have the final say. We do however hope that you will help us make sure, we won't have to intervene at any time. A professionel security firm has been hired to provide security throughout the convention.


There are a few rules which everyone must abide to:

  • Alcohol and smoking is strictly forbidden during J-Popcon, and can lead to expulsion from the event.

  • Violent behaviour or theft will result in an immediate expulsion and a police notification.

  • It is not allowed to block hallways, stairs and entrances.

  • There will be times when there will be queues for events, which can make some people frustrated. Ques are unavoidable at events like these, and we ask people for their understanding for this situation, and ask people to use the waiting time to talk with old friends, or make new ones.

  • Free Hugs is a popular phenomenon at many conventions, but please understand that you should not hug or otherwise touch people without prior concent. Please note that free hug signs larger in size than standard A4 paper will be confiscated.

  • Food and drinks (except water) are not allowed in the cinema, and all food and drinks are banned from the Game Room, due to the technical set up, and the Dealer Room, due to the merchandize. There is a eating tent set up with tables and benches outside by the food stalls, where people can sit and enjoy the food.

  • If you eat at the convention area, please remember to clean up after yourself and throw your trash out, not on the floor.

  • It's prohibited to use rollerskates, scooters, bicycles etc. on the convention area.