Code of Conduct

We are working hard to organise a fun and cozy convention for everyone and to do so we need your help. With such a huge number of visitors attending J-Popcon, it is important that people behave properly, keep conversations and music at a reasonable sound level - and treat others with respect.

At J-Popcon, it is the organisers’ and volunteers’ responsibility to maintain peace and order, and if a conflict or anything else should occur, they have the last word. We hope that you will help us making sure that we do not need to intervene at any time. A security company is hired to maintain security day and night during J-Popcon.


There are a few rules which everyone must abide to:

  • Alcohol and smoking is completely forbidden during J-Popcon and can cause exclusion. Naturally, this also applies to drugs. If you have prescription medication, it is important that you have the right documentation.

  • Violent behaviour or theft result in immediate exclusion and a police report.

  • It is not allowed to block hallways, stairs, or entrances. 

  • At times, there will be queues to certain parts of J-Popcon, which can cause frustration. Queues are inevitable at events like these, and we ask that the participants are patient and urge that you spend the wait on speaking together and make new acquaintances. 

  • Free Hugs is a popular phenomenon at these events, but we want to draw attention to the fact that you should not hug or in any other way touch others without permission. Note, that Free Hugs signs bigger than A4 will be confiscated.

  • Food and beverages, except water, are not allowed in the cinema, and food and beverages are completely forbidden in Game Room because of the technology, and Dealer Room because of the merchandise. There can be specific rules at other locations. There will be a tent with tables and benches outside by the food stalls, where people can enjoy their food. 

  • If you eat at the convention, please clean up after yourself and make sure to throw out your trash properly and not just on the floor.

  • In consideration of everyone, it is not allowed to use roller skates, scooters, bicycles, bicycles, etc. at the convention.

  • We have guidelines regardring material containing sexual content that must be followed.

  • In accordance to the rule above, it is not allowed to wear ahegao motives or similiar on your clothing.