Pro Tables

Pro tables It is especially for those artists who feel that they are outgrowing Artist Alley and need more space. We will prioritise diversity for these tables to ensure that we do not have booths that all sell the same type of merchandise. Likewise, we will also consider whether you can fill out the space and truly need the extra space, which a regular Artist Alley table does not offer.

There are four spots for pro tables available. It will not be possible to be accepted for more than one spot, unless there are very few applicants.

Please be aware that there is a very limited amount available and it is NOT first come, first served.

On our table plan, the pro tables are the green squares at the top marked P1-P4.

Artist Alley 2024 bordplan

The prices are as follows:
P1 og P4: 2.750 DKK
P2 og P3: 3.250 DKK

Every square measures 3x3 metres, which you can potentially build just how you want it.

It is possible for two artists to sign up together, who want to share, but artists applying alone will be prioritised, since the initiative has been started in consideration of those artists who need more space than a solo table can offer.

Everyone can apply for a pro table, whether you have already been approved as an artist for 2024, are on the waiting list, or haven't signed up yet. If you already have an approved regular table and get approved for a pro table, you automatically give up your regular table, which will be passed on to the waiting list.

Artists with a pro table must follow some slightly different rules and conditions than regular artists that are more similar to the rules that the dealers must follow, but they also get the same benefits as dealers do. They are as follows:

  • Free entrance for you and a helper. Thus, there will be no requirement to purchase a weekend ticket to gain access.
  • One free meal a day for both you and your helper. You will receive a food ticket, which you can use to pick up a meal a day from one of our food vendors.
  • The table must be staffed and open during all opening hours. You will not be able to arrive later or leave earlier like regular artists.

The opening hours are:

Friday: 16.00-22.00
Saturday: 10.00-22.00
Sunday: 10.00-17.00

Artists with a pro table also gain early access Friday along with dealers to set up your table.

If you are interested in signing up, you must fill out the form below and send us an email containing it, no later than on Sunday the 10th December. Send the email to

Artist name:
Real name:
Are you bringing a helper?: (Fill out their name)
What table are you applying for: (Fill out whether you want P1P2P3P4, or if it doesn't matter)
Do you want to be offered one of the other tables, if you cannot get the table you want?: (Mark with Yes or No)
What kind of products you are bringing: (A description of what types for products they are as well as a link and an attachment of photos)
A picture of your booth and setup: (Attach photos from prior conventions. This will help us consider whether we think you need and can fill out the space)
Further comments:

After the sign-up has closed, we expect to send out a reply to those chosen in the following week, where you will also receive an invoice to pay for your table.