Tournament of Champions

Tournament of Champions at YuniCon

Tournament of Champions (ToC) is a new international craftsmanship competition taking place at YuniCon in Austria. The idea came to be in 2020, shortly before the pandemic, and has since been a work in progress. The first ever ToC will take place on the 20th-22nd October 2023, and we are proud to be part of this new qualification as one of the first together with 14 other European countries. 

The goal with the competition is simple: To create a place where crafting skills are valued equally for the most complete costume to win. At this qualification, there is no act, and it is all about the costume. Their focus on costumes reflects in their judging process; while you have to get on stage and show off your costume for approx. 30 seconds, it is the prejudging that counts. Here, the judges will score the costumes on a scale from 1-10 within five categories: needlework, armour, wig & makeup, craftsmanship, and propmaking. There will be one winner within each of the categories, while the one who scores the highest overall score wins Best in SHow. Furthermore, all judges will choose their own favourite, and the audience gets to pick their favourite as well.

J-Popcon will choose their participant during the craftsmanship competition taking place on Sunday of the convention.


Representatives from J-Popcon:

2024 MelaMushroom

2023 Trinekn