Artist Alley 2023: artists

J-Popcon presents the artists for Artist Alley 2023

Are you curious about what you can find in our Artist Alley? Here, you can find a lot of the different artists who are going to participate in our Artist Alley to J-Popcon 2023! If you are looking for the table plan, you can find it here.

Table 1: Ohmoth 

Table 2A: mallesponge

Instagram · Tumblr · Twitter

Mojn! My name is Mark, but I'm called Malle (Mal in English) as my artist name! I've attended J-Popcon for a few years now, but I've never had a table at Artist Alley myself – so, this year is my first time to try selling some of my art as prints and stickers!

I'm so happy for this opportunity and I'm looking forward (in all nervousness) to seeing all of you! ^_^

Table 2B: ArtofElenxji

Table 3: Doodletaztic & BellaStar001 

Table 4: chibidesuu

Table 5: The Graveyard Shovel

Instagram · Twitter

My name is Siobhán, but I'm often called Shovel. I've been a part of Artist Alley for many years by now. ^^

My style is more realistic with a dark twist, and I love drawing K-Pop related stuff.

This year, I've started working with completely new materials and I'll be bringing jewellery, dice rollers, stickers, and much more.

Table 6: LittleHalo Art

Table 7: Starchild Crafts

Table 8A: hopefuldbastard

Table 8B: Cosplay judges

Table 9: Stickymaelk

Table 10A: Nelicco  

Table 10B: Kimmie Kawauchi  

Table 11: Amanda Solveig

Instagram · Twitter · Website

Let my art give you and your home a hug in these cold, grey times, and dive into my universe of colours, fantasy, body diversity, and queer love. You can find unique illustrations, stickers, and bookmarks for you and your closest ones.

Table 12: Vernilleart  

Table 13: Yassa

Table 14: NadiAxel

YouTube · Instagram · Website 

As something new this year at J-Popcon, I will offer digital YCH (Your Character Here) commissions - I have a limited number available and they will be sold after first come, first served. Besides that, I will bring a large selection of prints, which will be sold at very favourable prices this year, since I'm selling out of my inventory. As always, I will bring both original sticker designs with different effects and acrylic keyhangers. I'm looking forward to seeing all of you!

Table 15: Jino's art

Table 16: Art by Tornemark

Instagram · Facebook

My name is Sofie Tornemark, I'm a trained graphic designer, and have illustrated multiple children's books and draw comic strips that I share on social media. I sell my original cute an funny illustrations as prints, postcards, stickers, and tote bags.

Table 17: Jacqueline

Table 18: Lykkelilje

Table 19: Gloomy Concept



I'm an artists who loves everything dark and gloomy.

I draw, make jewellery, and cast in gypsum and make figures in polymer clay.

Table 20: Christina Ramskov

Table 21: Risengrood & Starfish


Instagram · Tumblr · Twitter 

Hello pebble!

I the artist, Risengrood, make fun and whimsical prints and stickers for you to buy at this year's Artist Alley I'm mainly a fandom artist who draw cute fanart from video games such as: Deltarune, Nintendo, and various indie title, though I also have some original concepts for this year … amongst which will be original dakimakura designs for you to gaze upon. 

Anyhoot, feel free to stop by :)



Hi I'm Youstarfish/Starfish, I mostly draw my favorite pathetic characters in increasingly flattering ways.

I am also primarily a digital artist with a focus on fun colors and shapes.

At my table, you will be able to find a multitude of prints and stickers from franchises including Evangelion bsd, Vocaloid, Witch Hat Atelier, Deltarune, Chainsaw Man. And a few more.

Table 22: Foxy

Table 23: Jaeppai & BeFreckled


Carrd · Twitter · Twitch · YouTube · Instagram

Hi! My name is Jae, and I'm a digital artist/illustrator. I've been drawing since 2018 and I just started experimenting with comics and animation. I'm very new at Artist Alley, so I hope you will welcome me here! I will be bringing different prints of e.g. DSMP/MCYT, MXTX (MDZS + TGCF), SpiderVerse, South Park, and some original art in different sizes! I'm looking forward to seeing all of you!

Table 24: Peppar 

Table 25: Hokuey & Niki Hjort 

Table 26: Hope Hjort

Instagram · Twitter · Patreon

Hope Hjort is the creator behind the webcomic Corvid's Eye, a LGBT+ fantasty story with a non-binary main character about identity, friendship, and how choices can have consequences, both good and bad. You can expect to find three chapters of the comic as well as a mini comic and a lot of stickers, postcards, and pins/charms. Find me by looking for the yellow eyes!

Table 27: RaptorJules

Instagram · Webtoon · Tapas · Tumblr

Hello! My name is Julie and I'm an American illustrator living in Norway. I'm obsessed with pink, I make a webcomic called Seemingly Dark, and I love spooky and supernatural themed art and stories. I'll be bringing prints, stickers, resin shakers, and copies of my first printed comic to J-Popcon!

Table 28: Dustyleaves & Goldie Leaf

Table 29A: Ida Hy 

Table 29B: Splitorama  

Table 30: Drulidoodles  

Table 31-32: Merryweather

Table 33: Dragonniar 

Table 34: chiliconcomics

Table 35: Edel  


Hello, I'm Edel! I make a lot of kawaii style resin jewellery and keychains, both casual and over the top. Besides that, I also sell art prints, stickers, and acrylic keychains.

Table 36: K&W  

Table 37: Giftig Giffel

Table 38: Bunslip

Table 39: Robert McCollum  

Table 40: GalaxyWik

Table 41: Nollebolle  

Table 42A: Tone Marie  

Table 42B: DanishCamellias

Table 43: ZanderyArt og Mica.draw


Instagram · Twitter

Hello, my name is Zander or ZanderyArt.

At J-Popcon 2023, I will be offering you a lot of prints in different sizes and a few bookmarks and stickers. It will be both original characters and fanart that I draw.

It is my first time at J-Popcon's Artist Alley, so I'm really looking forward to it!


Instagram · Twitter

Hello, my name is Mica, and this will be my first J-Popcon Artist Alley.

At the convention, I expect to be selling prints and a few stickers from games and series that I love. I'm really looking forward to it!

Table 44: Bunryuu 

Table 45: Hopyrion

Table 46: Yuzu8ame 

Table 47: Amiamalie 

Instagram · Twitter 

Hi there, I'm ami. I enjoy digital painting and will be bringing my original works, as well as a selection of fanart from Genshin Impact, Demon Slayer and more.

Looking forward to returning to J-popcon, see you there! ♥

Table 48: Cherubic Sky

Table 49: LucisArts +  

Table 50-51: Mikkel Mainz

Table 52: Grethe_B

Instagram · Twitter · TikTok · Facebook · Website

I'm a Norwegian freelance illustrator who lives in Copenhagen. My favourite things to draw and make products of is retro material based, especially from old games and animes. Sometimes I have some more modern work mixed in as well~ I offer a big selection of stickers, pinback-buttons, keychains, memo sheets, home printed mugs and other sublimated goods.

Table 53: Lisecarlsenart

Table 54: Alea Creations

Table 55: Mayonnaise in Spring 

Table 56: HZokki  

Table 57: ThaissingArts

Instagram · Twitter

Issing here! I love to draw fanart of my favourite manga and games. You will find e.g. Genshin Impact, Fire Emblem, Tales of-series, Pok+emon, and Danish childhood at my table. If you are looking for stickers, prints, charms, standees, or cute chibi drawings, stop by!

Table 58: KatheChanNeko 

Instagram · Twitter

I'm a very cat-happy hobby artist who loves to draw cute art. Which you will also be able to find at my table at J-Popcon. At my table, you will be able to buy keychains, prints, and stickers. I will also offer to take commissions.

Table 59: Lacertilia_art

Table 60: Aslaan & Brink

Table 61: LittleHybrid 

DeviantArt · FurAffinity (OBS: 18+) · Twitter · Facebook

I am LittleHybrid. I've been a cartoon artist for years with focus on animal art and fanart. This year I'm following the theme of J-popcon and have done some cute yokai art for you to enjoy! I'll be bringing my art as keychains, stickers and prints this year. I hope you enjoy my work!

Table 62: CraftySandra  

Table 63: MiyuchiiVT

Table 64: AmiGosh  

Table 65: Kitzat



Hi! I'm Kitzat, a queer artist, who love to draw everything from animals to fanart of my favourite borbos. At my table, you will find stickers, prints, and charms!

I'm looking forward to spending a weekend in good company.

Table 66: Lustanjo

Webshop · Redbubble · Deviantart · YouTube

Hiya! My name is Lustanjo and I am so excited to meet you all! I draw everything cute - cats, animals, fanart and so on! Who doesn't love silly goofy cats - I have been painting more of your favourite meme cats and I can't wait to show you all the new stuff I'll be bringing <3

Table 67: cottonxcami 

Table 68: Artsy Moom

Table 69: Peachlii & Lp_lines

Table 70-71: Howling Riot 

Table 72: Philtomato

Table 73: Anori-Chan

Table 74: Whale  

Twitter · Pixiv

Hi, I'm Whale. I'm a game dev, illustrator, and play a little with Live2D. I mainly draw Inori and characters from fighting games. At my table, you will find acrylic stands and prints.

Table 75: Vellistix + Jetber


Twitter · Pixiv

I'm Vellistix, a newly trained design engineer, who loves to draw in my freetime! I mainly make digital illustrations inspired by the modern "moe" style, which is popular in Asia. At J-Popcon, I will bring fanart of mainly Genshin Impact, but also a selection of my latest illustrations of other franchises. I sell my fanart as prints, charms, and acrylic standees.


Twitter · Pixiv

Hi, I'm Jetber! I'm a game developer and artist, who does not draw as often as I should! I hope people attending J-Popcon this year have seen/read/likes Chainsaw Man, for that's mostly what I'm brining lol. If you are a fan or just think the things look nice enough anyway, I sell some dope keychains and prints at my table.

Table 76: Winterlark 

Table 77: smoffi

Table 78A: PointAtTheSky 

Table 78B: Sigge Illustrations  


I've been paiting with watercolours for many years and have considered joining Artist Alley previously, but this is the first time that I attend J-Popcon. My watercolour paintings are very colourful and the motives change depending on what I'm a fan of at the current moment. At J-Popcon, I will be selling primarily fanart prints and stickers as well as a few other things and I will also bring a bit of my own art. :)

Table 79: fluffy fox creations  

Table 80: Prismatic Peony