Photo and video rules: Photographer

When you participate in J-Popcon as a photographer og videographer, there are certain rules you have to abide by.

If a photographer breach these rules, they will be given a warning. In severe cases, the access to the festival will be withdrawn immediately, and the photographer will be denied access to the festival until further notice.

If you see another photographer breaching these rules, please contact your photographer leader immediately.

§ 1. All pictures/videos taken during J-Popcon are owned by J-Popcon without exception.

§ 2. Pictures or video taken during J-Popcon on the festival area cannot be used commercially, unless such an agreement have been made with J-Popcon about usage of the material.
If you want such an agreement, contact  

§ 3. All signs addressing photographers on the festival areas as well as instructions by organisers or staff must be followed at any time during J-Popcon.

§ 4. All photographers have to take pictures in both .jpeg and a raw format.
This is a very normal setting on most cameras.

§ 5. All photographers must, at the end of each day, turn in all their (.jpeg) pictures to their photographer leader before you leave the convention area.
If you are unable to locate your leader, please call them. Otherwise, meet up at the reception to receive help in contacting your leader.

§ 6. As a photographer, you have three weeks from the last day of J-Popcon to send in at least 150 pictures and a maximum of 700 pictures, that you can vouch for and put your name to on our Flickr page. All these successful pictures must be turned in following our Guide: How to send in your photos.

§ 7. When turning in your pictures (§ 5), the pictures must not contain a watermark of any kind due to (§ 1).

§ 8. It is not allowed at any time to record or take pictures in the following areas:

  • The Lounge (18+)
  • All dressing rooms.
  • Dormitories.
  • Toilets.
  • Øksnehallen during rehearsals.
  • Øksnehallen's backstage areas.

Special arrangements can be made though with a photographer organiser to be allowed to take pictures in the areas of Øksnehallen that is not normally permitted.

Stk 1. All special agreements have to be delivered in writing and signed by both parties.

§ 9. J-Popcon dissociate from pictures that seem offensive, condescending, or in anyway can be interpreted sexually.

Stk. 1. If any of your pictures can be interpreted as the description of (§ 9), you will be called in for a chat with your photographer leader or with an organiser where J-Popcon will decide what will happen.

§ 10. Due to (§ 1), J-Popcon does not allow that you, as a photographer, publish pictures from J-Popcon until at least a week after your own three week deadline, as per (§ 6).

Stk. 1. J-Popcon can at any time ask you to remove pictures from the public eye or online in general if they find that you are not abiding by all the rules described here.

§ 11. Any decision made by J-Popcon relating to these rules is final and cannot be reevaluated.