Guide: How to send in your photos

Before you send us your lovely pictures, we would like to ask you to sort your pictures into folders. This makes it much easier for us, when we have to advertise for the event you have covered.

Remember that we do not accept pictures in RAW-formats (se §4 in our photographer rules).

Thank you in advance!

This is the folder structure that we use and that you should follow when sending us your pictures:


Photographer's name: Your name (which we will use to credit you)
Day: This must be the weekday on which you took the pictures.
Event Name: There can be many "event" folders, since there must be one for every event our show you have covered during the day.
Atmosphere pictures: This folder is for all the pictures of the atmosphere that you have taken during the day and which does not belong to any event or show.
Other pictures: This folder is for all the pictures you have taken during the day that does not belong to any event or show. 

  1. Open your internet browser and navigate to
    NOTE: You can send a maximum of 2 GB data at a time.

  2. When you are on WeTransfer, you will see this menu.

    Here, we encourage you to send one day at the time, since you probably have mor ethan 2 GB worth of data.
    You can always send os the pictures over multiple rounds as long as you keep the folder structure.

  3. Write the weekday and what you are sending in "Message".
    You also have the option of writing a short message to us if there is anything we should pay attention to.
    Remember, the email address you need to send the pictures to is

  4. When you click on the (+) icon in the menu, you will be presented with the option to choose whether you want to send an entire folder or a .zip file of your pictures.
    This can be done over multiple rounds to send all your pictures.

  5. Be aware that WeTransfer will ask you to approve your email adress before you can send your pictures to us.

When you have sent us your chosen pictures, just lean back and wait for you to be able to upload and use your pictures online.

We will inform you all on our Facebook group as soon as your pictures are public on our Flick profile.