Chech Cosplay, Switzerland

(Cosplay) Name: Chech

Nationality: Swiss

Occupation: Criminologist and social worker in prison


Facebook: Chech Cosplay (

Instagram: chech_cosplay

How many years have you been cosplaying?

I started in 2010, so it's been 9 years that I've been making cosplays. I started participating in contests in 2011.

What is cosplay to you and how did you get started?

I took interest in cosplay by going to Polymanga, one of the biggest conventions in Switzerland, and watching my first cosplay contest. From this moment, I knew I wanted to try this hobby and I decided to participate the next year, with the help of my grandma for the costume making process. Since then, I just put more and more time into this hobby and I really don't regret it! For me, cosplay represents a way to express my inner artist, but also a way to grow my confidence in my abilities and to challenge myself and progress for every new project I bring to life. It also represents friendship, as I made a lot of very good friends, in Switzerland and internationally by participating in various contests.

What is you most memorable cosplay experience?

I had a lot of experiences in cosplay so it's kind of hard to choose, but I would say the most memorable was joining in the World Cosplay Summit in 2017. It was a very difficult process to get to be selected to represent Switzerland in Japan, and it was one of my goals when I started cosplay. So I was really proud to be there, and the experience in Japan was just awesome. I met a lot of amazing people and had the chance to perform with all these talented people in a very special atmosphere. It was an incredible week of various adventures, and I would recommend to any cosplayer to try this experience if they have the chance to!

Have you been in Denmark/at J-Popcon before, and what are you looking forward to the most?


I've been in Denmark once before, around 2009-2010. I visited Copenhagen for a week with some friends. As it was before I really started cosplaying, I've never been to any event around cosplay in Denmark, so it will be my first time at J-Popcon! I can't wait to discover this event and, most of all, to meet the Danish cosplayers and see their performance on stage!