Samie, Denmark

Sunday Judge 2018

Dynasty Warriors

by JCM Photography / Charles Darrell​


Occupation: Student


Experience: 10 years



by CoolADN


What is cosplay to you and how did you get started?

Cosplay to me is about expresing yourself creatively and having fun with a great hobby. I started cosplaying beacuse a friend convinced me and I was hooked immediately.

What is your most memorable cosplay experience?

I am quite lucky to have experienced incredibly many wonderful things in regards to cosplay, so I have many experienced worhty to be remembered, Overall the best is to spend time with people I care about and to feel good. Whether it be in Japan at a cosplay parade or at a close friend's home crafting. 

Have you been to J-popcon before, and what do you look forward to the most?

This will be my 10th J-Popcon, so I have been around for some time! I look forward to see the cosplay shows and my friends the most.


Little Witch

by Kelevar Photography / Julie Rønberg (also header)