Nordic Cosplay Championship

The Nordic Cosplay Championship is hosted by NärCon in Sweden and takes place every year during the summer in Linköping, Sweden. Involved are event organizers from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden which together pick out the best of the best from their respective cosplay scene. These 13 cosplayers then meet at the NCC to compete for glory and prizes, including a trip to Japan for two.


NCC started in 2012 at the swedish event NärCon Sommar 2012, and has since then continued to grow and become a natural part of the nordic cosplay community.


The NCC competition focuses equally on craftmanship and performance.


There are 3 qualifications spots in Denmark at different conventions. One at Genki who has held it since the beginning in 2012, along with the other two till 2015, where GeekCore took them on. Now it is time to have the qualifications split to 3 conventions to give the most cosplayers a chance to compete for one of the much coveted spots. 

So in 2018 J-Popcon is proud to host one of the 3 qualifying spots for the NCC!!!


Repræsentanter fra J-Popcon:

2019 Yoshu Cosplay

2018 REEF Cosplay

The previous Danish Winners:


First Place - Shinji Costumes and Tailoring|Yukari Hayasaka, Paradise Kiss

Second Place - TinYasuo|Yoshiwara, Adekan


Second Place - Marie Hedegaard Haldan|Evelyn, Teahouse


Second place - Stickweeds Arts and Crafts|Guardian, Warhammer: Vermintide


First place - TinYasuo|Alice Liddell, Alice: Madness Returns

Second place - Scarlett Costuming and SFX|Cleopsis, Court of the Dead