Preparation, Photos, and Credit

Before the convention

At some point, we will contact you about what days and time slots you can be on the convention to take pictures. Because if this, it is important that you set off the time to do it to ensure that we do not end up with a lack of photographers during certain events.

When we are getting closer to that year's J-Popcon, we will send you the final photographer plan which you have to keep as good as possible.

Make sure to have your equipment ready - there is nothing worse than having empty batteries or full memory cards on the day itself.

Make sure to have some granola bars or other as well as water with you.

If necessary, follow this check list to ensure that you are not missing anything. :) Note that the page is in Danish.


During the convention

As expected, behave nicely towards all of our guests.

You always have to ask the guests if you can take pictures of them - most people would love to pose for your camera, but remember to also accept no as an aswer.

J-Popcon always needs pictures of people enjoying the convention, so consider taking some pictures of the audience at shows, in the Dealer Room, etc. (photos of the atmosphere in general).

It can also happen that there are certain, specific demands from the PR group, such as pictures of the winners of the Danish Cosplay Championship.

Remember to take the necessary breaks and remember to eat and drink - you are here to have fun, not to stress around. :)


After the convention

Delivery of the pictures has to happen as soon as possible and you have to have delivered your pictures at the latest 3 weeks after J-Popcon has ended

If you are prevented because of other jobs, we would like to know so to plan what pictures we want to use.


Information about pictures and crediting 

If you have a lot of almost identical pictures, it is okay for you to wort out among them and only send us one.

  • We reserve us the right to choose and delete nearly identical pictures when we are posting them to our Flickr account.

We sererve us the right to delete pictures that does not comply with our photo and video rules as well as the Danish Data Protection Act

The resolution of the pictures should at least be 2048 on the longest side - preferably bigger if possible.

You can send your pictures via


The pictures will be posted to our Flickr account where we will also credit you.

When we use your photos on our Facebook page or our website in connection with news or announcments, you will be credited by text. With that said, it is not everything that you can be credited for. An example of such would be our website banners, where it is not possible to credit the photographer.

We will as far as possible try and credit you as much as possible, but we cannot promise to credit you in everything. If this is an issue, please write an email to and we will figure out something together.