Guest Events

Now YOU can create awesome events for J-Popcon!  

Do you want to meet equal minded through meetups for Naruto, Final Fantasy or something else? 

Do you want to have a fan panel for Black Butler or Attack on Titan?

Or would you rather go to a photoshoot event where you can show off your new cosplay?   

Now YOU get the chance to book one of our amazing event rooms for whatever purpose that YOU want! 


Requirements for booking and executing guest events

  • You must be a paying guest or a volunteer (Gopher, or Maid/Butler) at J-Popcon 2018.

  • The event concept/idea has to be emailed and approved by the event team (our mail address

  • Guest events have to, like all events at J-Popcon, be somewhat reasonable. We will make sure that everything is done as according to our agreement, and that both contains and conduct are of a sober nature. 

  • The event-formula has to be filled out. 


In order for the guests, J-Popcon and you who will hold the event can get the best experience attending the convention, we will be needing some information about your event.

Do you need computers and a projector? Do you need a room with chairs and tables? Or would you rather have a meetup spot and then go look for the perfect place to shoot photos? Most of the things can be arranged, as long as we are well-informed!
We will send you the event-formula once we have received your ideas/concepts. 

Here you can see the free spots available to you before booking, and double booking cannot occur since there will only be one event room for guest events.


Last, but not least, we reserve the right to pass on ideas, and also to close events if we find it inappropriate and or goes against our agreement.