Press Contact

Who is the contact person at J-Popcon?

If you want to get in touch with the festival or the organisation behind the festival, you can contact the PR team.

Write an email to:


I want to write an article/film a story about J-Popcon - Who do I contact?

Send an email to and tell us what media you come from and what you are interested to report about.

This is also the contact to get press badges for J-Popcon.


Do you have any pictures or graphical material that I can use for my report/story?

We have a press package available ASAP.

If the materials are not enough, then you can contact the PR team by mail:

We have some pictures from earlier convention years at J-Popcon and some high quality versions of our logos and mascots for use on print and the internet.


I really want to interview one of your invited guests - Who should I contact?


Write about whom you want to talk to, a short summary of the proposed interview, and how long time the interview will approximately take. We will then process your request, and try to get an agreement with the relevant people.