Press rules

Press Rules

All press, under pressbadge at J-Popcon, are required to follow these rules. They are to secure the safety for press, J-Popcon and guests. If these rules are not followed, it can lead to be banned of the convention-area.


§1. All press shall follow Danish pressconventions, Danish law and the pressrules of J-Popkai.


§2. Press may only take footage of a person, if they have the particular persons accept.

     Pt. 2. This doesn't count if the footage is of a larger group, og a motionpicture of the event.

     Pt. 3. Motionpictures are excluded, if the focus of the footage is targetting a specific individual or group.


§3. Do not harass the audience/visitors in any way.


§4. If J-Popkai approaches you with a wish that footage taken should be removed, you have to adhere. If the wish is ignored, the organisation, company or pressfolk can be banned from future events held by J-Popkai.


§5. It's expected, that people with press-acces produces relevant material, of a decent quality. If this is not to be happen, J-Popkai may evaluate to refuse future press-acces from event held by J-Popkai.


§6. All pressbadges shall be visible on the person at all times.


§7. For factual questions we refer to the press-package or to


§8. The organisers have the final verdict if there should arise disputes or arguments about the pressrules


§9. J-Popkai reserves the right to warn or withdraw any press-acces.