Ricardo Lopes: Manga workshop 2017
リカードー ロープス

You can meet the young Portuguese manga artist and writer Ricardo Lopes both in J-Popcon’s Artist Alley, but also at his “manga drawing workshop” in one of J-Popcon's event rooms.

Ricardo Lopes is a professional manga author from Portugal, and the author of the manga series Jupiter, currently the biggest book series of manga ever published in Portugal, having three published volumes and the fourth and final on the making. It was not that long ago Ricardo himself was an amateur cartoonist, with a fascination for manga and Japanese culture and passion for fantastic universes and stories. That is why he is especially looking forward to participating in J-Popcon and meeting Danish kids who share the same interest, and perhaps one day dream of having their own manga published.



Manga workshop with Ricardo Lopes

Manga artist Ricardo Lopes from Portugal will in this workshop give advice, tips and tricks on to how best to draw a really exciting manga. How do you best construct a manga layout and how to make your story seem dynamic? What do you need to think about when drawing backgrounds, worlds and surroundings? Ricardo will be drawing examples to demonstrate his tips, and the participants will have full opportunity to draw themselves, as well as ask questions.

We advise you to bring your own manga works along to the workshop, so Ricardo will be able to give people specific feedback and guidance.

Time: Saturday April 22nd  at 11:15 am  - 1:15 pm 
Location: CPH-Conf. Building 2.sal "Event Room Medical Bay"
Language will be English.