Team Challenge: Recruit Training!

Basic Recruit Training Challenge
Do you have what it takes to defend EOS J-2X17? Basic Recruit Training takes you through various simulations where you will have to prove that you’re made of the right material. The best team of recruits will receive a decoration of honor of course.
If you think you have what it takes, then write to:
The email should include the following information:

But be swift! There is a limited amount of spots..!
There will be a briefing Friday that you must participate in at ‘Forsamlingshuset’. There you will be informed about the different challenges that you need to beat in order to complete our Basic Recruit Training.
Notice: Each team must consist of at least 5 people with a maximum of 6 people. All groups which consists of less than 5 or more than 6 will not be registered. Remember to write the full names all the team members and a phone number when registering. And remember to get all of your friends registered - you cannot sign someone else up once the team is registered. You will receive an email with a verification.

Registration deadline: Friday, 14th April, 2017.