Cosplay/Props Weapon Rules

By participating at J-Popcon, we follow the Danish weapon laws (written in Danish). 

We do this so that no problems will arise and in that way ensure that you have the best experience as possible.

As a general rule, props that are used at the cosplay shows have to be checked as well. You will get more information about this via the cosplay mail.

Breach of rules will be considered on the spot, for small violations you can be given a warning and bigger violations will lead to exclusion and cutting of the wristband. In especially severe violations, you will also be reported to the police since you are not only a danger to yourself, but also others! 

In the end, J-Popcon decides!

Some of the rules:

  • Weapons brought to the convention have to comply with the Danish weapon law, even weapons used for the cosplay show!

  • It is your own responsibility to have your weapon inspected and approved by one of the staff members working within the control area.

  • Armour, weapons, or other metal objects cannot have any sharp edges or corners! It has to be blunt or polished and covered with foam or other soft material to ensure that it will not be a danger to other guests. 

  • Common sense should always take place when handling weapons - plastic or not. If the weapons are used in unruly manners or handled in a way that is a danger to others, you risk being given a warning or confiscation of the weapon.

  • The maximum height for you prop/weapon is 30 cm taller than your own height, meaning that if you are 175 cm tall, your prop can maximum be 205 cm to ensure that you are in full control of your prop. Furthermore, an overhang of one's prop/weapon can only be the length of one's arm for the same reason.

  • Your weapon/props, armour, or other objects, no matter the material, cannot have any sharp edges or points. It has to be blunt or polished, not capable of poking, scutting, and leaving marks. 

  • No matter the material, your prop/weapon can maximum weigh 2 kg.
  • J-Popcon reserve the right to refuse a weapon access on the spot, if the rules are broken. Weapons that are completely illegal, as in being sharp, will be taken away and sent to the police with approved hunting license and approval for transport.


List of prohibited weapons

The following weapons and types of weapons are forbidden at J-Popcon:

  • Wooden weapons; including bats, swords, but not limited to:

    • Swords, maces, staves, sticks, bats etc.

      • Props in this category have to be inspected.

  • Metal weapons; including, but not limited to:

    • Sword, knives, maces, throwing stars etc.

      • Metal armour have to be brought to a supervisor at arrival.

  • Ranged weapons; including, but not limited to:

    • Airsoft guns, hardball guns,working replicas of firearms, BB-guns, crossbows, water pistols, etc.

      • Weapons considered disabled, i.e. that they cannot shoot or in any other way fire a projectile, have to be brought for inspection. If they can fire projectiles, the weapon will be confiscated and only be handed back after the convention!

  • Chemically based weapons or explosives; including, but not limited to:

    • Fireworks, smoke bombs, stink bombs, etc.

  • Electrically driven tools; including, but not limited to:

    • Chain saws, power tools, etc.

  • Objects that can be used as a weapon:

    • Hard staves, e.g. staves made of hard wood), baseball bats, etc.


If you are in doubt, you are more than welcome to write us an email ^^


Write your specific topic and send us some pictures too!