Cosplay/Props Weapon Rules

At J-popcon we follow the rules of the Danish weapon laws (written in Danish).

We do this so there are no problems and thus ensures that you can have the most fun possible during your visit.

Props to be used in the cosplayshows, should generally also be inspected. This will be done via teh cosplaymail.

Violations of the rules will be evaluated on-site, small violations can result in warnings and major ones will lead to expulsion and loss of entrance bracelet. In more serious breaches we will also report it to the police, as you are not only endangering yourself but also others!

In the end, J-popcon has the last word!

Some of the rules:

  1. Weapons, which will be brought to the convention must comply with the Danish weapon legislation, even weapons that are to be used for the cosplayshow!

  2. It is your responsibility to get your weapon checked and approved by someone who works inside J-Popcon's control area.

  3. Armor, weapons, or other metal objects must not have any sharp edges! It should be blunt or sanded, so it is not a danger to other guests.

  4. Common sense must always be used when handling weapons - plastic or not. By unruly use or handling, which is a danger to others, you risk a warning or confiscation of the weapon!

  5. We have set a limit on how large weapons must be: 1.6 m (2 meters to cosplayshow) - this is from the bottom to the highest point, and with an overhang of max 50 cm. For larger weapons contact us via mail, to apply for permission.

  6. Weapons must not include a metal core, so use a fiberglass core or other roleplaying approved materials.

  7. Weapons with tree core must be coated with a thick foam-layer or likewise soft material.

  8. J-Popcon reserves the right to refuse a weapon access to the convention, should the rules be broken. Weapons that are directly illegal, in that they are sharp, will be confiscated and sent to the police pending an approved hunting license or authorization to transport.

List of prohibited weapons:

The following weapons and weapons are prohibited on J-Popcons conventio area:

  • Tree Weapons; including, but not limited to:

    • Swords, clubs, rods, canes, bat etc.

      • Props under this category must be brought to inspectors upon arrival.

  • Metal Weapons; including, but not limited to:

    • Swords, clubs, knifes, throwing stars etc.

      • Metal amour must be brought to inspectors upon arrival.

  • Projectile Weapons; including, but not limited to:

    • Airsoft guns, hard ball guns, functioning replica of firearms, BB guns, crossbows, water guns, etc.

      • Weapons you think are non-functioning in combat, i.e. that they can not slide, or by any other means of discharging a projectile, should be cleared by J-Popcon's on-site security control. It must be said that if it can fire, the weapon will be confiscated and only returned after the convention is over!

  • Chemical-based weapons or explosives; including but not limited to:

    • Fireworks, smoke bombs, stink bombs, etc.

  • Power tools; including, but not limited to:

    • Chain saws, power tools, etc.

  • Objects of such a nature that they can be used as weapons:

    • Rigid rods (e.g., rods of hardwood), baseball bats, etc.


Feel free to ask if you are in doubt ^^

Contact mail:
Write your topic and please send some pictures!