J-Fashion Show

For J-popcon 2017 will be held a fashion show representing different Japanese clothing styles. Come and see if you want to be inspired by the various alternative styles, or just curious.


A fashion show is nothing without models - and this is where you, as a model, comes into the picture. You may have a cute Lolita outfit or a tough Visual-Kei outfit you want to show up? All you have to do as a model is that the meeting prepared up 30 minutes before the fashion show, walking a small catwalk, stand and look cute for 30 seconds on stage while people taking pictures of you - and you're done.

Models are responsible for providing their clothes and styling.


Time: Friday pm. 22:00


Permitted styles:

Lolita / Kodona


Fairy kei



- If you want to sign up with a Japanese style that is not listed, please contact me in few simple steps before mail! So we look at it :)


Clothes and styles that are not allowed:


maid costumes




Rules for registration:


● You need not be registered J-popcon to be model. The models are admitted free to the fashion show. If you have already purchased tickets for connen, you will get the price for your Friday ticket refunded after connen.


● Remember that you represent that style - make sure that your outfit a whole and complete. Think about the details!


● clothing brand does not matter. This is mentioned only during the fashion show to give the audience an idea of ​​where they can buy clothes. The home-made / offbrand is quite acceptable.


● Remember to add clear pictures of your outfit in the registration, and a little description of where your clothes are from and what style you represent.


● You must arrive 30 minutes before the fashion show. More information about this you will receive in the days leading up to J-popcon, via e-mail.


Registration deadline is Sunday, April 9th!



Registration is done via e-mail:

Send an e-mail directly to jfashionmodeshow@gmail.com with the subject "J-Fashion Fashion Show 2017".


Registration (copy and fill in):

First name, last name, age:

Email address:

Mobile number:

Are you paying guest for J-popcon? (If yes, what type of ticket?):

The style you will be wearing:

How your clothes are from:

Pictures of your outfit:


We look forward to receiving your registration!