Silje Danielsen, Norway


(By Ookami Cosplay Photography)

Name: Silje Danielsen
Nationality: Norwegian
Occupation: Makeup Artist, Hairdresser and security consultant for Verisure
Website (other online accounts):

How many years have you been cosplaying?
I started out in 2007, so I'm in my 10th year! It's been quite a ride, but it really doesn't feel like it's been an entire decade, haha!!!

What is cosplay to you and how did you get started?
Cosplay to me is a creative outlet, an arena for me to express myself in whatever way I wish, a sense of freedom, and one of the most fun ways to stay in touch with your childish side while having an immense potential to grow within your own skillset. I love cosplay! It's a community that I care a lot about, and my home away from home. It's been what has moulded me as a person, and I'm so thankful to have found it when I did! I first saw cosplay because I loved the video game Kindgom Hearts, and I saw people dressed up from it! I was so excited, and thought "I want to do that too, omg!!". Out of sheer coincidence, some friends I had recently met told me about a convention in Olso and asked if I wanted to come. I figured I might as well go and check it out, and when I found people there cosplaying from Kingdom Hearts I was ecstatic, because I'd seen that and been really interested in it! I found a lot of people there who wanted to make a Kingdom Hearts cosplay group, and that's how it all happened.


(By Ookami Cosplay Photography)

What is you most memorable cosplay experience?
Wow.... That is a really hard question to answer, because there are simply so many different things!! Instead of picking just one, I want to mention some of the things that are the most important to me... Firstly, just cosplaying in a large group with my friends. Regardless of the cosplay media, just being in a group is one of the most precious things to me. I love it so much! Another big thing was qualifying for Euro Cosplay in 2011. That was so big for me, and I couldn't believe it!

At the same time, I have seen so many friends blossom in this community, and several times I've just been baffled by how people I know and care about exceed every expectation and accomplish so much! I am so PROUD of friends I have that have won competitions, and several times I am reduced to tears because it makes me so happy to see them do so well after all their hard work! These are the things that stick with me as "memorable cosplay experiences".


(By Ookami Cosplay Photography)

Have you been in Denmark/at J-Popcon before, and what are you looking forward to the most?
I have actually NEVER been to Denmark, apart from a flight connection between Japan and Oslo! It is my first time, and my first Danish conventions! I am thrilled to be able to go, and I can't wait to see how the Danes put together a convention. Every con is a learning experience, I love seeing different things and meeting new people. I'm most of all looking forward to see the craft up close! It is always my favourite part about judging competitions; getting to talk to the cosplayers and really let them show off their creation! I know that there is an immense amount of talent in Denmark, so getting to see it is so exciting. I also have plans to cosplay together with some of my dear Danish friends, and it will be glorious!

I'm really looking forward to J-Popcon, and can't wait to see it all!