Cosplay weapon rules

Approval of weapons

Attendees must obey Danish weapon laws at all times, and realistic looking weapons and/or weapons made of metal needs to be approved by J-popcons weapon responsable organizer. It is always the sole responsibility of the attendee to get the approval. Send an e-mail to if in doubt.

Authentic weapons are not allowed

Authentic weapons are not allowed on convention grounds, whether or not they are functional or not. This rule disregards any official permit you might have been granted for permission to carry weapons of any sort. Banned weapons include, but are not limited to, projectile weapons (hardball weapons included) and edged weapons.

Violation of the rules

Any violation of these rules can lead to a ban from the convention grounds. In severe cases, local police athourities may be contacted. J-popcon reserves the right to confiscate props and keep them stored during your visit at the convention, if the prop is deemed a potential threat to yourself or to your immidiate surroundings.