Howling Riot: Manga Workshop 2017

Meet the talented artists from Howling Riot in J-Popcon's Artist Alley, and a "Yonkoma, 4-panel manga-comic workshop" with Renincy Sommers, where you'll learn how to draw and write a 4-panel comic.

Howling Riot is a company of artists, founded in the Netherlands, operating internationally as a small independent publisher and 'shonen manga studio'.

Els Deckers  and  Renincy Sommers has worked together since 2005, publishing their own comics and illustrations.


Renincy Sommers has been the lead writer for all Howling Riot manga since their founding in 2005.

She has since then worked with several illustrators, learned how to improve her own writing from some of the most successful writers in the Netherlands. Now in turn she teaches many others how to write.



Yonkoma manga workshop: with Renincy Sommers, Howling Riot

Renincy will share her knowledge and experience with you in her workshop on how to draw and write a Yonkoma - the classic 4-panel manga format. 


 You’ll be taken through the entire process from the first brushstroke to writing that killer ending.

During the workshop you have the opportunity to get all your drawing and writing questions answered, AND walk away with your very own awesome yonkoma - 4-panel manga comic.

The workshop is 1,5 hour long and wil be held April 23th at 11:15 - 12:45 at CPH-Conference, inside DGI-byen. Event room "Maintenance". Language is English.