Iris Rönkkö, Finland

Name: Iris RönkköCaterina
Age: 24
Country and Home town: Finland, Jyväskylä
Height: 155cm
Occupation: Store manager, student

I'm currently studying to become a professional seamstress. I'm also a writer and work at a Fair Trade shop. I'm addicted to sewing - can't go a day without sewing a little bit of something!

What does Japanese ‘pop’ culture mean to you?: 
Japanese pop culture, to me, is fun and friends! It's also a source of inspiration.

Tell us about your first meeting with ‘J-pop’ culture: 
I started watching the Candy Candy anime when I was only 3 years old!

What do you look forward to experience the most in Denmark?: 
I can't wait to meet Danish cosplayers and anime fans! And I have always wanted to visit Denmark.

Favourite series/character’s in anime and/or manga: 
My favorites series are Rurouni Kenshin, Trinity Blood, Shangri-La, Galaxy Express 999. 
My ultimate favourite character ever is Maetel from GE999.

How many years have you cosplayed?
7 years

Which awards have you won? 
2nd place at Kemi Comics Festival, 2006
3rd place in video game category, Tracon II 2006
1st place (judges' vote), Animecon V 2007
3rd place, audience jury, Animecon V 2007
"Not a suprise" award, Animecon VI 2008
3rd place, audience jury, Animecon VI 2008
1st place, World Cosplay Summit 2009 Finnish preliminaries

What do you think is the most important thing in a cosplay?
I put most of my focus on the sewing and crafting. While other things are important too, sewing is what I'm best at. You can bring out so much of the character with simply sewing "appropriately": a queen would have perfectly crafted clothes, while a peasant's clothes might not be as well-finished.