1. You must have a weekend ticket for J-Popcon to apply for a table in Artist Alley.

  2. Only participants who have applied and been approved for a table may exhibit their works in Artist Alley.

  3. You must include a link to some of your work in your application.

  4. Exhibited works must be originals. Fan art is allowed, as long as the artist have added their own unique touches.

  5. Direct copies and tracings are not allowed.

  6. You have to be 18 years old, or older, on the time of J-Popcon to sit at an Artist Alley table. Alternatively you can be over 16 year old, and sit together with someone who is older than 18. Plus have a written permission from your parents.

  7. Artists must spent at least three hours in the Artist Alley each day, during opening hours.

  8. Orders and commissions are allowed, but J-Popcon takes no responsibility or part in the transaction.

  9. Artists are responsible for their own material, equipment, works and money stored in Artist Alley, both during opening hours and outside of these.

  10. If you leave your table in Artist Alley, you should inform an Artist Alley staff member.

  11. It is allowed to bring your artwork depicting 18+/NSFW topic, but these items most not be displayed openly. Instead you have to put it in an opaque folder or box, clearly labelled “18+/NSFW”, and the artist have the responsibility that children do not browse these.