What is the Artist Alley and how do I get a table?

The Artist Alley is J-Popcon's dedicated area for crafters and artists. There, people can sell their artwork and crafts, plus also meet and network with other artists.

You can apply for a table by filling out the an application form (https://j-popcon.dk/artistalley/signup) that will be processed by the Artist Alley organisers.

How are Artist Alley tables allocated?

Artist Alley tables are allocated on a first come, first served basis, for qualified applicants. To qualify, you must provide an URL link in your application with pictures of your items for us to review. This allows us to judge the quality of your work, and ensure it is relevant to anime, manga, or Japanese popular culture.

A table measures 180 x 65 cm (78 cm in height), and there is room for two people per table.

Is there a cost to having a table in Artist Alley?

It costs 200 DKK for half a table and 500 DKK for an entire table. If you apply two people together, you have to pay 200 DKK each. As per usual, you have to apply and pay for a full J-Popcon ticket (for the entire weekend), no matter the days you're participating.

Remember, you have to have register your weekend ticket to your My Page, where your full name, age, phone number, and so on are listed. In that way, we can see all of this information on you that we need.

The payment for the table will go through a button on our website under My Page after approved application.

If you are approved as an artist for Artist Alley, you will receive an approval mail, wherein there will be clear instructions for how you pay for your table.

When is the Artist Alley open?

Artist Alley is open for the convention public in the following timeslots:

  • Friday 16:00-22:00 (early access for participating artists from 12:00)
  • Saturday 10:00-22:00
  • Sunday 10:00-17:00

Be aware that you must have left the convention area and brought your possessions with you, if you need them, at the time of closing every day for us to lock the area. When we have locked the area, it will not be possible to re-enter until the following day.

As an artist in the Artist Alley, you have the option to get early access during Friday, so you got time to set up your booth before the official opening.

Artists can get access to the Artist Alley area Friday from 12:00, but this is only possible, if one have had their sign-up confirmed through the VIP check-in desk in the J-Popcon entrance.

Can I accept commissions?

Yes! Commissions may be agreed directly between the artist and customers, however J-Popcon can take no additional responsibility for these personal commissions.

What do I need to bring along in order to be in the Artist Alley?

Of course, you should bring your artwork and crafts that you would like to sell. Furhtermore, you should bring your own material to set up your table, as we will not be providing such.

The tables will be covered with a tablecloth already, but you are welcome to bring your own cover to make the table more personal.

We highly recommend you remember to bring item price tags, change money, and business cards.

Can I sell my fanart? 

Generally yes, we allow fanart, provided the artist contributes something unique: personal style, known figures in a new setting, mash-up of various series etc.

It must be clear to the viewer/customer that this is fanart and thus easy to distinguish from official drawings and posters from film/series which may be subject to copyright and trademark law. 

Direct copies/traces will not be permitted!

Where can I store my items overnight?

As an artist of the Artist Alley, you’re allowed to store your items on your table (or under it) when the area closes for the night, as the doors will be locked off.

Though it’s a very good idea NOT to leave big amounts of cash or expensive laptops and such behind your booth.

We have no chance to keep an eye out and see if it’s the ‘actual’ artist that walks behind a booth, when everyone are preparing to open the area, or if you arrive a bit later.

Thus it’s your own responsibility how you decide to leave your stuff for the night.

Can my friend/mum sit at my table and keep me company?

Through the sign-up, you have the opportunity so sign up a helper that can take over during the convention, if you need to leave your table. If you do not confirm a helper during the sign-up, you can send us an email afterwards.

For the helper to be approved, they must have a valid weekend ticket, and we must have their name no later than a month before the convention – so, 16th January 2024 at the latests. If the helper is requested after this date, we preserve the right to reject the request.

Be aware that there are only two chairs available per table. This means, if you book half a table, it will not be possible to have your helper sit next to you under normal circumstances.

Furthermore: If you have any special needs, such as needing a support person during the convention, note this under "Additional comments".

Can I bring a piece of cardboard/partition wall and place behind my table, so I can hang up artwork on it? 

No, there will be partition already, which you are welcome to use to hang art with the approved materials*.

It will not be possible to set up or change to your own partition.

*approved materials: sticky tack, small pieces of normal clear tape that do not leave marks or residue.

You CANNOT use nails, pins, double sided tape, duct tape, etc.

Will there be access to power at my table?

As a rule, yes! Artist Alley are trying hard to ensure that every table has a power plug (220V) behind it, or in its vicinity.

Can I leave my table to attend an event/competition/lecture during J-Popcon?

Yes, as a guiding rule, of course you are allowed to leave your table to attend one or two events, but we appreciate it if you then notify an Artist Alley representative, and tell us how long you anticipate being away. 

To be fair to other artists, please note we reserve the right to remove and reallocate artists' belongings if they are only manned for 2-3 hours daily, so please do consider this when applying.

Can J-Popcon provide me with change money?

No, unfortunately J-Popcon cannot provide you with change money or lend you a credit card terminal as we do not manage these.

We encourage you to remember to bring change money if you think you are going to need it. If you have a Danish bank account, it is also a good idea to have a MobilePay account since a large number of Danish con-goers use MobilePay.

I do not have a table in Artist Alley. Can I sit down somewhere and show people my drawings?

You are not allowed to put your drawings up on walls or spread them on tables or floors, but you are of course welcome to show them to people who are interested.

Ask the Artist Alley representative if it all right for you to do so.

Can I have a table in Artist Alley even though I’m under 18 years old?

No, unfortunately, we cannot accept you as an artist in Artist Alley, even though we're sure you are very talented. It is a lot of hours you have to sit alone, plus you also need to handle money. That’s why we have a minimum age rule of 18 years old. With the exception that you are allowed to sit in Artist Alley if you are between 16 and 18 years old, but are sitting with friends above the age of 18, and have a written permission from your parents.

Can I sell my drawings that contain nudity, eroticism, extreme violence, and other topics not for children. (So called 18+/NSFW)

Yes and no.

It is allowed to sell erotic (e.g. pin up) art in Artist Alley.

However, it is very IMPORTANT, that it is not openly displayed, so that everyone can see it. You have to put the drawings in an opaque/non-transparent folder or box, clearly labelled “18+/NSFW”. The artist themselves also has the responsibility that children do not look at these items.

It is NOT allowed to sell sexually explicit material, material sexualising children/child-like characters (e.g. loli/shota), or material visualising selfharm. Not even in an opaque folder.


I have a disability, special needs, specific wishes about the set up of my booth, or wish for a family member to be my helper at my booth.


If you have special wishes or information we need to know of, then the field “Additional comments" is for that.

It might be a disability/illness that gives you the need to be close to the entrance, wants to bring a clothing rack/own table, have a helper connected to your booth, or some other special thing you wish to inform us about. Remember that we cannot read minds, so we cannot fulfill your special wishes or needs, if you have not told us about them beforehand.

Can I choose my table on my own, is it first come, first served on the day, or will J-Popcon assign the tables beforehand? 

It will not be possible to pick an exact location yourself, since J-Popcon will allocate the tables. However, in the sign-up, you can write if you have specific artist(s) you want to sit next to. The seats will be allocated beforehand and shared with the artists.

When the table plan have been shared with the artists, artists can swap between each other, though J-Popcon cannot help with this process. If you swap seats, J-Popcon must be informed of this no later than a month before the convention (16th January 2024), otherwise the seat swapping cannot be approved, and you will be assigned your original tables.

In addition: If you have special needs concering your seating placement (such as being placed by the end of a table, assisitive devices that need space etc.), write this in the section "Additional comments".

I can see that you’re supposed to have registered and paid for your 2018 J-Popcon ticket in order to apply for a table in Artist Alley. What if I’m not accepted into the Artist Alley, and don’t want to participate in the April festival. Can I get my money back?

Yes of course, you can get your money back. Contact us on artistalley@j-popcon.dk and we will annul your ticket and give you your money back.

If you have further questions, please send us an email at artistalley@j-popcon.dk.