Calssara, Germany


Name: Calssara

Nationality: German

Line of profession: Librarian


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How many years have you cosplayed? I cosplay since over 10 years :).



(Photo by Midgard Photography & Cosplay)


When and how did you first hear about anime and manga?

My first anime that I know was actually an anime was Sailor Moon. Before that I also saw Heidi in TV :).But Sailor Moon was my first huge fandom for anime :D! I bought my first manga then many many many years later and it was Vampire Miyu.


What anime/manga made the biggest impression on you?

I really love the FATE series (fate/Stay Night, Fate/Zero etc.). I really love the story and the characters <3~. Directly followed by Fullmetal Alchemist and Steins;gate.

For Mangas the biggest impression left Claymore on me, as well as Brynhildr in the Darkness.



(Photo by Midgard Photography & Cosplay)


What is cosplay to you and how did you get started?

Cosplay is a great hobby for me that helps me to express myself and meet people. It also gave me more courage in daily life :D.

I had a quiet ordinairy start XD sorry that the story is very boring...I just saw it at a con and tried it out and it was fun XD. It is not really any special way, but this is how it happened to me.


What is your most memorable cosplay experience?

I think that was World Cosplay Summit. The ambience, the feelings, the people, the cosplay and everything left a huge impact on my life :D. I am very thankful that I could experience this.


Have you been to Denmark/J-Popcon before, and what do look forward to experience here?

Yes, I already visited Denmark 3 times and I really love it. I specially love the cosplay competition with the great costumes and peformances. Every time I watch a Danish cosplay competition I get blown away and my little heart is full of felings for cosplay, the characters and all the people :D.



(Photo by Midgard Photography & Cosplay)