FantasyNinja, USA


Name: Indra Rojas


Nationality: Venezuela, but I live in the United States


Line of profession: Artist. I own my business, where I make and sell crafts and cosplay items.


Website:, Instagram: @indra_rojas


How many years have you cosplayed? 11 years!


(Photo by BGZ Studios)


When and how did you first hear about anime and manga? I grew up watching a lot of anime like Speed Racer, Sailor Moon, and Saint Seiya, but I didn't know the term anime or manga until I was older.


What anime/manga made the biggest impression on you? Inuyasha. It was the anime that got me really hooked on anime. Until then, I thought I was just watching cartoons,so I became obsessed with renting everything under the Anime section at my local video store haha!


What is cosplay to you and how did you get started? As cliche as it sounds, cosplay is my world. I include it in my life on a daily basis, and have made a career from it. It all started after I beat Final Fantasy 8 and was looking for a computer wallpaper from the game (if that doesn't tell you how dorky I am), and I saw a photo of a Japanese singer with the caption "he looks like he is cosplaying Squall". That led to me researching the term cosplay, which ended up in hours of lurking cosplay sites and photos. I was completely in love with the idea of involving myself with something so creative, so I looked up the nearest convention and cosplayed Tifa from FF7!



(Photo by Morataya Photography)


What is your most memorable cosplay experience? Filming a television show for cosplay. I've had many wonderful experiences where I have met amazing people and gone places that seem like a dream, but filming Heroes of Cosplay was a benchmark in my cosplay career, that I can't shake. It changed many things for me, gave me lifelong friends, and showed me a world that I never knew I could experience.


Have you been to Denmark/J-Popcon before, and what do look forward to experience here? It will be my first time in Denmark, so I am super excited about Jpopcon! I can't wait to experience the sights, food, and meeting people! I'm still processing that I'm going. Someone pinch me!



(Photo by Anna Fischer)