Shappi, Poland

J-Popcon 2016 - Guestprofile


Nationality: Polish

Line of profession: Psychology (spec Neurology) student

Facebook page:ShappiWorkshop

How many years have you cosplayed? 6



(Photo by Pugoffka)

When and how did you first hear about anime and manga?
I was watching anime in the TV since I was very small, I have never had an idea that is actually an anime genre back then though! My favourite series was Sailor Moon, Slayers or Dragon Ball. Years have passed and when I was 12 I have found our manga comic books in my neighborhood book store. I was very curious, bought one of those and ... here I am, crazy about Japaneese animation ! :)

What anime/manga made the biggest impression on you?
It is a very hard question! In my life I have watched or read so many good stories but I think one of those that made me just bite my nails in terror what is going to happen next was Blade of Immortal manga series! It is extremely brutal but so well written story, it always kept me curious what is going to happen next. At the other hand, my other beloved series is Skip Beat, which shows that you can achieve everything if you are willing to work hard!



(Photo by Studio Zahora)


What is cosplay to you and how did you get started?
Cosplay to me is fun, friends and ability to express my love for crafting. I was attending a lot of anime conventions since I was 13 and after a while I have fell in love with Cosplay Shows we had on those events. Cosplayers were so amazingly skilled, magical creatures to me back then, haha! I was so mesmerized by them that I wanted to start something on my own during my holidays break. I would never ever thought that cosplay would become my passion!

What is your most memorable cosplay experience?
I think that every cosplay related trip is very memorable to me. No matter if it is an international contests or just a convention every time I go to an event I meet a lot of amazing people, the memories we share are priceless! The event I hold especially dear is Japan Expo, when I was a finalist for ECG 2013 I had a chance to not only beat my stress and anxiety while performing for the biggest crowd ever but also I could meet and make friends with the loveliest cosplayers from the Europe. I highly recommend participating in contests like this!



(Photo by Pugoffka)

Have you been to Denmark/J-Popcon before, and what do look forward to experience here?
I have never been to Denmark nor J-Popcon before so I am really excited for this trip! I have seen an amazing costumes from Danish representatives on every international contests I have been to, so I am sure to feast my eyes with your epicness :) I cannot wait to meet you all!