Elffi, Finland

J-Popcon 2016 - Guest Profile

Name: Janne Rusanen
Nationality: Finnish
Line of profession: Cosplayer, Japanologist, Taxi Driver, Undertaker and International Business Management Student
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How many years have you cosplayed?


When and how did you first hear about anime and manga?

As a kid, I was already watching anime from TV, such as Moomins, Studio Ghibli movies and of course Pokémon. However, officially I was hooked on anime in 2004, when I found Bleach and Naruto  

What anime/manga made the biggest impression on you?

I have always been a huge shounen fan. I like all the long fights and superpowers. My top animes include One Piece, Bleach, Naruto, Hunter x Hunter, Tengen Toppa Gurren Langann, Claymore, Overlord and currently airing One Punch Man.

What is cosplay to you and how did you get started?

Cosplay is something where I can be creative and do something with my hands. Nowadays it also affects many other important parts of my life. Most of my social contacts are cosplayeres, I go to the gym to train my body to fit the characters better and I spend weeks of my life every year visiting conventions and meeting other fellow cosplayers all around the world. I was hooked on cosplay after visiting a convention in Finland in 2006.

What is your most memorable cosplay experience?

In 2012, I was in Nagoya, Japan as the organizer of Team Finland in World Cosplay Summit. It was a very hot and humid summer day and we had the red carpet parade coming up with tens of thousands of people were gathering on the streets to see us. I cosplayed Shanks from One Piece and walked in the end of teh parad. At one point, a little Japanese boy started shouting "SHANKS! SHANKS!!!" I smiled and nodded and he ran to me crying. He asked "Shanks, why did Ace die? ;O;" I tried to comfort him and gave him my straw hat and a nice hug. He smiled and looked like it was the happiest day of his life.

Have you been to Denmark/J-Popcon before, and what do you look forward to experience here?

I have been in Denmark at another convention a couple of years back. It was a nice experience and I am excited to see and meet all the Danish people again! And eat all the glorious food you got! ;)



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