Artist Alley

You can now apply for a place in the Artist Alley at J-Popcon 2019 via the following page:

Remember to first log in, and register your ticket!

Are you a skillful artist working with Japanese styles from manga and anime? Then J-Popcon's Artist Alley is the place for you to showcase your artwork.


The best drawings, illustrations and crafts, will be awarded in competitions.


In the Artist Alley you can meet Danish and international artists, admire their artwork and buy or order commisions from those who have brought drawings, manga, jewelry, accessories and paintings to sell.


Other exciting Japanese hobbies are also welcome!


Artist Alley pictures from J-Popcon 2014.


Opening hours:

Friday:      16:00 to 22:00

Saturday:  10:00 to 22:00

Sunday:    10:00 to 16:00

(artists have access from 14:00 on Friday to set up their stall, but need to check in at the VIP part of the reception)


Information for the Artist Alley 2019 participants:

The rental price for the tables are free. However this year we have decided to introduce a deposit on 200 kroner. It is money that will be given back to you, if we can see that you've been present in our Artist Alley.

In addition you must have a full J-Popcon weekend ticket to participate in the Artist Alley.

There is a limited number of tables, so we require artits, who wish to sign up for a spot in the Artist Alley, to show they make drawings, crafts, jewelry and other sorts of art, in a serious manner, by providing us with a link to their items, that shows them clearly.
It's not enough to give us a link to a page with only 3 drawings.


If you have any questions, please look at the FAQ for practical information about Artist Alley or send us an e-mail at