Artist Alley

Do you like drawing or crafting your own small creations? Do you love drawing in the Japanese manga and anime style? Do you want to showcase your skills, meet likeminded people, and earn some money on your creations? 

Then, J-Popcon Artist Alley is the place for you.

In our Artist Alley, you have the opportunity to meet both Danish and international artists, sell your artwork, and promote yourself. We have everything from prints, charms, pins, jewellery, dice, books, and so much more. Only your imagination is the limit!

You are probably thinking: "How do I sign up, and what does it take to participate?"

You can sign up by purchasing a weekend ticket for J-Popcon, and when the sign-up to Artist Ally officially opens, you will gain access to the sign-up form via My Page. Remember to register your purchased ticket!

REMEMBER to read both our rules and our FAQ before signing up. It will be officially announced when the sign-up is open.

You can sign up for our Artist Alley newsletter by sending an email to, then our team will add you for you to be updated on our Artist Alley.


You will be asked to fill out this information in the sign-up:

  • Your artist name, your group's name, or each of your artist name, if you are two sharing a table
  • The type of merchandise you sell
  • The name of your helper during the convention, if needed
  • If there are one or more artists you want to sit next to
  • Whether you can participate the whole weekend or only some days
  • Link to reference materials for us to see what you make
  • Link to your banner, which will be put on the website (max 500x150 pixels) 
  • Link to your social medias
  • A small text about yourself for the website
  • Whether you want to purchase a full solo table or only want half a table.

The tables measure 180 x 65 and are 78 cm tall.


Our opening hours during the weekend are as follows:

Friday: 16:00-22:00

Saturday: 10:00-22:00

Sunday: 10:00-17:00

Approved artists can gain access to the area already from 12:00 o'clock Friday. First, you must pick up your badge at the reception. Then, you must check in with our Artist Alley staff to be crossed off as arrived.


If you have any further questions, read our rules and FAQ. You are also always welcome to contacting us at, and then we will reply on you inquiry as fast as possible.