J-Popcon Moods Competition

Win a free membership to J-Popcon 2018


A couple of years ago, we started a tradition at J-Popcon with the J-Popcon Moods drawing contest, where you can influence J-Popcons appearance, win a free membership to next year’s J-Popcon, and last, but not least be displayed at our “Wall of Fame” in the Artist Alley.


This year, the theme of our contest is "The Future is NOW!"

J-Popcon 2017 is taking place aboard the Orbital Earth Station EOS 2X17, in a not too distant galaxy.

“What does the Future look like? What do we look like?”

In short, give us your interpretation of the mood aboard J-Popcon EOS J-2X17.


How to do it:

- All types of drawing equipment is allowed, and you may use a computer.

- Use jpg format, and the drawing file must not exceed 1 MB.

- Remember to attach your full name, address and a contact phone number - otherwise you will be disqualified.

- Send your drawing to: artistalley@j-popcon.dk

- No later than Tuesday, April 18th at. 24:00.


Competition rules:

- All J-Popcon (J-Popkai) members can participate.

- You may only submit 1 drawing for the contest.

- You may only participate as yourself (and not draw for other participants).

- You can draw both by hand or by computer, all techniques are allowed.

- Do not reuse (or directly copy) someone elses artwork.

- We reserve the right to use all the drawings in J-Popcons PR material.



- Your technique and integration of the theme is valued highly.

- The winner drawing will be posted on J-Popcon's website, and the artist credited with his full name.

- The winner will receive a free membership to J-popcon 2018.

We look forward to see your J-Popcon Moods drawing.


The winner of J-Popcon Moods 2016.

Maddie Dyrbye Hansen with her drawing.