J-Popcon Moods Competition

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J-Popcon Moods 2018


A few years ago, we started a tradition at J-Popcon with the J-Popcon Moods drawing contest, where you can influence J-Popcon’s appearance, win a free weekend ticket to next year’s J-Popcon; and last but not least be displayed at our “Wall of Fame” in the Artist Alley during this year’s convention.

This year, the theme of our contest is "Two competing kingdoms meet"

J-Popcon 2018 takes place in a high-fantasy universe where two kingdoms are in conflict and highly competitive with one another. In Cloud Kingdom where WingGirl reigns, we are high above earth amongst endless skies, where one can jump from cloud to cloud. The wind and weather ensure that the realm is always transforming and it is easy to travel from place to place. In Cloud Kingdom, all inhabitants can view the Earth Empire from above and feel that they are superior to those who are limited to living in a fixed earth bound empire without soft clouds to relax on.

Inhabitants of the Earth Empire, on the other hand, are proud of their lush, ancient and permanent nature. Battery Boy shows that even a king must pay due respect to Mother Nature. The ancient trees contain important knowledge, the meadows and forests grow special magic herbs. The ancient castles and citadels were built by the noble ancestors and their magic and history permeate all the ancient stones. The people of Earth Empire therefor believe they are wiser and more grounded than the superficial and ephemeral people of Cloud Kingdom.

You must draw your own interpretation of what happens when one or more people from the two Kingdoms meet.

Unleash your artistic skills and imagine what happens when the people of Cloud Kingdom and Earth Empire meet. Will there be conflict? Or unlikely friendship or even romance, you decide?

"Basically give us your interpretation of the mood of the “Kingdom of J-Popcon 2018” when people from two competing kingdoms meet"

How to do it:

- All types of drawing equipment is allowed, and you may use a computer.

- Use jpg format, and the drawing file must not exceed 1 MB.

- Remember to attach your full name, address and a contact phone number - otherwise you will be disqualified.

- Send your drawing to: artistalley@j-popcon.dk

- No later than Monday, April 16th at. 24:00.


Competition rules:

- Anyone who has bought a ticket for J-Popcon 2018, or plans to do so, can participate

- You may only submit 1 drawing for the contest.

- You may only participate as yourself (and not draw for other participants).

- You can draw both by hand or by computer, all techniques are allowed.

- Do not reuse (or directly copy) someone elses artwork.

- We reserve the right to use all the drawings in J-Popcons PR material.



- Your technique and integration of the theme is valued highly.

- The winner drawing will be posted on J-Popcon's website, and the artist credited with his full name.

- The winner will receive a free weekend ticket to J-popcon 2019.

We look forward to see your J-Popcon Moods drawing.


This is the winner of J-Popcon Moods 2017; drawn by Linnea Toftegaard.
In 2017 the theme was ”The Future is NOW!”

Moods Winner 2017