Once again, J-Popcon offers sleeping options in 2024!

We're yet again back at Rysensteen Gymnasium!

Due to limited space, we are only offering 100 spots right now. They are sold on a first come, first served basis. A space costs 250 DKK and covers accomodation from Friday to Sunday. Each space is 1x2 mtr. and you must bring your own sleeping bag and sleeping pad/air bed, and whatever else you need.
Bathing facilities are not available on site, so bathing should take place in the shower rooms in the DGI-byen basements

Dormitory tickets can be purchased from the site shop from 8th November 2023.

The address for the dormitory this year is Tietgensgade 74, 1704 København. This is just across the road from DGI-Byen. 

A space is not reserved until we have received payment.

A dormitory ticket is personal and cannot be passed on to others.

General information about the dormitory:

There will be marked areas where one must sleep, so we can have walkways free throughout the hall as escape routes in case of fire, but also just to make it easier for users to get around. Respect these markings. Is your luggage in the passageway, it will be moved to the side, so it no longer blocks the path.

The dormitory will not be locked during the con, however, there are volunteers guarding the door to only let people with dormitory wristbands in. Storage is at your own risk, so be sure to take valuables with you when you leave. Otherwise, we refer to the wardrobe, which is also the suggestion on Sundays where all things must be out before 15:00!

The light will be turned off at certain periods during the convention, meaning night time. When it is off, there must be quiet in the dormitory, so people can sleep. If you continue making noise after a warning from the night watches, the wristband will be cut off, and you must therefore leave the dormitory. If you can see that there are people sleeping when the light is on, you should of course still show respect.

With regards to which spot you get: It is not possible to reserve space for others when you have entered the dormitory. It is first come, first served where you will lie. If you wish to lie together in a group and some arrive before others, you must wait to take spots in the hall until you are all there.

Rules for dormitory:

  • Access only for people with a dormitory ticket.

  • The dormitory ticket only works in combination with an entry ticket to J-Popcon, so remember to also purchase an ordinary entry ticket in case you haven't done so already.

  • The dormitory is not meant to be used as a place to sit and talk.

  • Do not place objects in the marked corridors.

  • Items must be out Sunday at 15:00.

  • Lights off from 11 PM to 8 AM = BE SILENT! Do still be considerate at daytime as people should be able to take a nap.

  • 1st warning results in a mark on the dormitory wristband, and at the second warning equals a cut wristband and expulsion from the dormitory.

We reserve the right to make changes.