Rules for the different competitions

General overview

To see the rules for J-Popcon for the various shows and qualifications regarding sound, light, videos, costumes, performance, age limit, and allowed cosplays, you can click HERE.

However, please read below about the registration, dropout, and quarantined rules as well. In addition, there are also some general rules outlined below.

Are you not sure what you need to have ready for the sign-up to be approved? Then, you can see a full list HERE.

Rules of Props

Due to the previous years' increase in size and number of props, to a point where it was not always possible to get all props on and off the stage between acts within the set time limit, we have had to make some rules for props in the future. They can be read HERE.


Number of spots/acts in the shows


  • As a starting point, the distribution is max. 12 groups and max. 13 solo spots (to make a fair split between the number of solo and group qualifications and considering the length of the show) for a total max. of 25 spots.
  • With a number of solo entries lower than 13, the current cosplay group will decide how many group spots the vacant solo spots can be exchanged for. Group No. 13 will thus be the one who is first on the waiting list at the time.


  • There must min. be 10 acts (whether it is solo or group doesn't matter).
  • There must max. be 20 acts (whether it is solo or group doesn't matter).


  • There is a max. 30 spots.


Rule of registration, dropout, and quarantine

(for DCC on Saturday)

Previous years, there has been a lot of interest in DCC, and therefore there has been not room for all those who would have liked to participate. Therefore, we see it as problematic when in the weeks just before J-Popcon (or during the day of the show) more than a few acts have dropped out without any real reason. And other groups might have liked the spots instead. Therefore, we have the following rules:

  • Dropping out before February 2nd - No quarantine from next year's competition, even if all of the material has been approved.
  • Dropping out after February 2nd - If a valid cause can not be reported (such as sudden and unpredictable disease, like as broken leg or pneumonia, or family death), the group/person will quarantined from next year's competition. The current cosplay group will assess whether a cause is valid or not. If you do not give a reason, you will automatically be quarantined for next year's DCC. 
  • If the competition is filled up before January 5th, the remaining acts that have submitted all material will be able to go on a waiting list (if checked at registration) and be notified if there is a drop out. After January 6th, it will not be possible to sign up for the competition.
  • January 5th is also where ALL material must be fully approved.


(for J-Popcon's Cosplayshow on Sunday)

Previous years there have been problems with very few registered groups for the J-Popcons Cosplay show and dropping out right before J-Popcon. Since we can not defend a show with less than 10 acts, we have seen the need to introduce a minimum number of acts. 

  • December 15th, there has to be 10 acts signed up, otherwise we will not host J-Popcon's Cosplayshow at the following J-Popcon.
  • January 5th is the deadline where ALL material must be fully approved.

(for Craftsmanship on Sunday)

  • February 2nd is the deadline where ALL material must be fully approved.
  • If you want to change the costume you have signed up for the craftsmanship competition after the deadline, you must inform us before February 9th.


GENERAL (for all shows)

You have to show up to the assessment time/stage time given to you. If you are not present, you may be disqualified.


  • Liquids, live fire, and reactive chemicals are not allowed. Small battery-driven smoke machines can be allowed, but must be approved by mail.
  • The stage is most often covered with cloth. Be aware of this.
  • The scene must not be dirtied. Everything must be able to be removed when the scene is abandoned. Amongst other, this applies to confetti, flour, glitter, smashed flamingo, and other things needed to be swepped up, which we therefore do not allow. If it takes longer to clean than allowed time limit, points will be deducted from your performance.
  • There is no possibility to connect power to the stage. Thus, consumables requiring power must be battery powered. Remember extra batteries.
  • Preparation and clearing of scene must take up to no more than 30 seconds. The 30 seconds cover both the previous group's clearance and the upcoming group's setup for two consecutive following groups.
  • The audience and/or judges must not be directly involved or participate in an appearance.
  • We encourage everyone to be innovative every time they participate in a new competition. Reinstatement of own or others' past performances can result in deduction of the overall assessment.
  • Our shows are open to people/audiences of all ages, and all material must be suitable for display for all age groups.
  • (Not for Craftmanship) A black outline, 2m high and 1.75m wide and with both types of velcro along the entire edge will be made available for your act if you so wish. The requirement is that the prop plays a direct role in the act. It must therefore have a definite purpose, for example used in connection with costume change or hanging a backgroung on it.
  • The prop can be placed anywhere on the stage and it is possible to test it during rehearsals.


  • We accept only .mp3 format.
  • Only one audio track can be submitted.
  • The sound stops when the allowed time of performance is used, so make sure everything is edited and customized for your performance!
  • You are allowed to have friends help you out with voice recording.
  • We cannot be held liable in case of any copyright claims when it comes to sound use. 


  • There is a max of light cues at 5 per minute (see general summary chart at the top of the number per show/act type).
  • A light cue is defined as a change in ligth, either from on to off, one colour to another, dim to full blast, spotlight to whole stage and so on.
  • Light cues should be used thoughtfully to create a mood for the act, not just to have "fancy lightning". Too many changes can seem confusing and take away from the mood one wishes to emote in the act.


  • Reference videos must be sent as either .mp4 or as links with timestamps.


  • Official designs of characters from a given anime, manga, video game, cartoon is allowed. This includes artbooks, etc. Official designs of characters from TV shows and feature films are as well.
  • Recognised fan-based titles like Vocaloid are allowed, but require acceptance from the organizer team. Send us an email!
  • Officially published illustrations too (e.g. Alan Lee, Sakizo or Thores). Send us an email if you have any doubts.
  • Own designs are not allowed.
  • Reference image(s) of the characters that are cosplayes must be attached in conjunction with registration to ensure the recognition of the costume. These files must be in either png og jpeg format and must not be screenshots. Make sure the reference images show as much of the costumes as possible for better assessment.
  • There may be very young people among the audience. Therefore, be careful about choosing costumes. J-Popcon's staff will decide if you exceed a certain level of nudity.
  • All items used in conjunction with performances and not direct parts of costumes are considered props. If it's not stuck on the costume, it's a prop.
  • You must be able to enter the prejudging room in your costume. Is it too big or similar, you will not be able to be prejudged.
  • You can use embroidery machines and 3D models, but you must make it clear at prejudging whether you have made the models for them yourself or not. 
  • The costume will be compared to the reference picture, but the judges will not take the participant's physical appearance into consideration. 
  • Offensive makeup and costumes are not allowed in any way – respect other cultures and ethnicities. 
  • Depiction of racist symbols or such that can be associated with such (e.g. a swastika) is not allowed.


  • You can pre-build props to break, but they cannot be completely smashed. E.g. the entire prop is made of cut out pieces of flamingo, which is held together with velcro or similar, so it can break in a controlled manner.
  • Props must be able to stand on their own. Therefore, we must be able to lift them easily onto and off the stage without extra work for the setup. 
  • There will be a maximum of two cosplay organisers to help you carrying the props onto and off the stage. You, both as a soloist and as a group, must therefore help with carrying your props onto and off the stage. It will not be possible to have additional help.
  • Every individual prop can weigh a maximum of 15 kg in terms of the helpers' involvement jf. arbejdsmiljøloven. Be aware that you have to walk back to the backstage area.
  • Remember that there can be other restrictions regarding the qualifications themselves.


  • Danish Weapons Laws are valid at all times. Read our general GUIDANCE RULES here on the website.
  • Please send an email to our weapons officer or us if there is any doubt about the need for approval.


  • If you win one of our qualifications, you must make sure to check the specific rules for the qualification in question. J-Popcon's cosplay organisers will assist, but you must check out their rules, deadlines etc. yourself.
  • Your costumes and props must be able to fit into the luggage included in your flight ticket, it normally being a single suitcase. If you need additional space, you must cover this yourself.
  • J-Popcon covers the transport to and from the qualitication, while the qualification itself covers e.g. the stay and entry to the event. Food and such is also normally covered by them, but the qualification will inform you about this. If other expenses should arise, such as fees, fines, or similar, J-Popcon will not cover this.

Specifically DCC (Saturday)

It is not a requirement to sign up for all categories to participate in a given qualifying round. It is up to yourself which categories you wish to participate in. You must therefore only fulfill the requirements for the relevant qualifying rounds. Remember that there may be differences and different rules at the different qualifications regarding the number and size of props than at J-Popcon.

  • You must not be in collaboration with or involved in the organisation for the relevant international qualifications.
  • Only soloists can qualify in the solo categories. Individuals from group appearances are not taken into consideration.
  • For the NCC and ECG only, the soloist must have an assistant on stage
  • Only ECG group can have an assistant on stage
  • If you sign up for multiple qualifications, your act must follow the rules of all the qualifications. See the form at the top of the page. 
  • Costumes must be made by the group/soloist themselves. Close family and friends may help with parts that are not essential. Most of the work must be done by the participants themselves.
  • Purchased costumes must not be used (on smaller parts, such as earrings). If this rule is violated, the group/soloist will be disqualified.
  • Costumes must not have been used for previous competitions.
  • All people in a group must cosplay from the same title/series/show.


Specifically J-Popcons Cosplayshow and Craftsmanship (Sundays)

  • Costumes must not have been used in DCC the day before.
  • (Craftsmanship) You can only participate with a cosplay used previously if you:
    a) have updated your cosplay significantly from the previous competition. This must be documented with before and after pictures, which will be shown to the judges during prejudging. You cannot have won with the cosplay (this pertains to 1st places, qualifications, main prizes, and similar).
    b) have used, but not won with the cosplay at a previous DCC, i.e. not including the one held the day before. If the cosplay has been used at a previous DCC, you do not need to have updated the cosplay significantly. This means that if you e.g. participated in DCC 2021, you can participate in craftsmanship 2023 with the cosplay from 2021 without significant changes.
  • (Craftsmanship) You can only participate in craftsmanship with a reused cosplay once, i.e. you cannot participate with the same cosplay year after year.
  • (Craftsmanship) Smaller items on the costume may be purchased, but please notify it at registration and in the judging review so that due credit is given.
  • (Craftsmanship) Costumes must not have won in previous competitions.
  • (ToC) OC designs are not permitted. Costume variations are only permitted with reference art (such as designs by Zach Fischer or Hannah Alexandre Designs). It has to be proven that the reference art was done prior to the costume creation, to prevent people from creating reference art based on their costumes after completion.
  • (ToC) Cosplays have to be at least 80-90% self-made and will not be permitted otherwise. Exceptions will be made for things like contact lenses, shoes, wigs, etc. as well as using other people’s equipment (such as using someone else’s 3D printer after modelling your own file)
  • (ToC) Any depiction of sexual activity, racist or slandering behavior or similar is not allowed, and will lead to disqualification. Depiction of racist symbols or such that can be associated with such (e.g. Swastika on “Tokyo Revengers” costumes) are illegal in Austria, and can therefore not be used.