Ameno Kitarou, Australia

J-Popcon 2015 - Guest Profile

Name: William Wong
Nationality: Australian
Line of profession: High School teacher, Fitness Instructor
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When and how did you first hear about anime and manga?

A senpai I used to hang out with in high school used to lend me anime discs. He didn't notice me though.

What anime/manga made the biggest impression on you?

Gunbuster and Evangelion. They both ruined my childhood.

What is cosplay to you and how did you get started?

Cosplay is an outlet that combines all my creative skills, including drawing, sewing, sculpting, woodworking and sometimes music writing. It's also a means of communicating my love for pop-culture, arts, and crafts with the world. I have been cosplaying for 9 years and I have made many life long friends. I don't see myself stopping any time soon because of that. I first started Cosplay with a closet put-together of Shinji from Evangelion, and I played cello on stage.

What is your most memorable cosplay experience?

It has to be 2010 Madman National Cosplay Championship finals in Australia. That year I won the finals, my first major competition win, with my first dream costume (Siegfried Schtauffen from Soul Calibur 4). When I made a speech, I started crying and dripping snot all over the microphone and the stage. I said "snot is dripping down", and some newspaper quoted it and published it.

What would be your dream costume to make?

I had a list of dream cosplays when I first started. They're mostly crossed off now. I had my first dream costume made on 2010: Siegfried Schtauffen from Soul Calibur 4. Others included Sigmund from Infinite Undiscovery, Ovan from .hack//GU. Currently I am working on Odin from Final Fantasy XIII. I will be bringing him to J-Popcon!

Are there any specific cosplayers out there you hold in high regard and/or you are a fan of?

K and Aly of Australia, WCS team 2013 - they girls were my inspiration from when I started Cosplay 9 years ago. Elffi and Calssara of Finland and Germany - they are two of my best friends from overseas. Tsubaki of Australia - my WCS partner from Team Australia 2012. Also an inspiration from when I first started.