AMV competition

The 2019 AMV competition will open for receiving of online entries in February 2019.


J-Popcon's AMV(Anime Music Video)-competition

Participants will have to use their creativity and sense for editing on a high level in the competition about who can make the best music video with anime-movieclips.


AMV rules: 


 1. Everyone with a valid ticket can participate

 2. You may submit up to 2 amvs

 3. The 10 best amvs will be shown at the contest.

4. The will be two prices that are as follows:

• Judges choice. (A jury of three people will select the best amv.)

• Audience's choice (the audience will vote on the amv they think is the best)

5. Last chance for entry is 7th April 2019.

6. The entry site will go online February 2019.


1. Your amv may only contain clips from anime.

2. You may not use any kind of 18+ years material in your video. When in doubt, just ask by email.

3. Minimum length is 1 minute.

4. Maximum Length is 4 minutes

5. You may not use material with fan, or commercial texts. This means also subtitles and watermarks. But you are welcome to add your own subtitles where you think it’s appropriate.

6. Your amv must be encoded in mpeg2 as a .mpg or .mpeg, or as mpeg4 with the h264 codex as a .mp4 or .mkv.

7. Max size of the file is 200 mb

8. We only want to receive the amv itself, no intro at the beginning or credits at the end.

9. You have to submit your amv through self-service.

10. J-popcon reserves the right to change the rules or reject received material if we consider it necessary.

11. If you have any questions then just send an email to




How do I submit my video?

Through self-service at this site. We do only accept videos sendt to us through self-service.


Can I please send in a video over 200 mb?

No, our self-service can only handle 200 mb video files.


What kind of file format do we have to use?

.mpg, .mpeg, .mp4, or .mkv.


How many amv's can I send to the competition?

2 amvs


May I use any footage from games?



I did not make it to the final, but will my amv still be shown?

No. We can only show the ten finalists.


Can J-Popcon send all the amvs to me? I really want them

No we cant, we don’t have the time, and it’s illegal to distribute. But normally amv creators put their amv's up on YouTube and


May I use any footage from Adventure Time?

No, it's not an anime.


I have sent in my amv, and I haven’t heard from you yet?

We do check for new submissions often, but if you haven’t heard from us within 2 weeks, send us an email and we will check up on it.


I can’t attend J-Popcon, can I still be in the competition?

No, don’t submit if you can’t be in attendance, because we want to be sure that we can give the prize to you personally.


When will I know if I am in the finals?

As soon as possible, but latest 1 week before J-popcon.


There is a super special awesome event at the same time as the amv competition, can I see the amv's and vote later?

Unfortunately not, the voting is done in conjunction with the competition.