Photo- and Video Rules

When you participate at J-Popcon, even if it is as a guest, hobby photographer, official photographer, videographer, YouTuber, etc., there are rules for everyone taking pictures or filming that they have to follow. 

These are to ensure that everyone is doing well and feeling welcome at J-Popcon. Therefore, we ask that everyone keep to these photo and video rules. Besides the photo and video rules written below, everyone has to keep to the Danish Data Protection Act (written in Danish).

Breach of these can cause exculsion from the convention. 


The rules:

§1. Photos or video taken at J-Popcon cannot be used to identify individual persons without their accept.


§2. Photos or video taken at J-Popcon cannot be used for commercial use, unless an agreement with J-Popcon exist about such use of the material.

Stk. 2. If you want to discuss such an agreement, contact


§3. All signs directed at photographers at the convention and instructions from organisers or staff have to be followed at any time during J-Popcon.


§4. Unless anything else is informed at a show or event (e.g. by signs or staff), photos or video cannot be taken with extra lighting equipment, including but not limited to flash.


§5. At any given time, it is forbidden to record any kind of material in the cinemas.


§6. As a participant at J-Popcon, you accept that official J-Popcon photographers have the right to photograph you without your consent, if you are located at the general convention areas, in bigger groups, or at an official event. The material can then be used by J-Popcon for press relating publications.

Stk. 2. The material cannot be used to identify an individual without the individual’s consent. At official events, you accept that J-Popcon’s photographers are allowed to photograph you if you do not display protests.


§7. We ask all official photographers at J-Popcon to hand over the material taken at J-Popcon after the convention has ended.


§8. Organisers and staff has the finaly say in any given discussion or twist regarding the photo and video rules.


§9. If a photographer is found in violation with these rules, a warning will be given. In serious cases, access to the convention will be withdrawn immediately, and the photographer will be denied access to the convention until further notice is given.

Stk. 2. If further breaches should occur, access to the convention will be withdrawn without further warning. The photographer will be shown out from the convention and a decision about a ban will be evaluated. 


§10. Any decision made by J-Popcon is final.