Photo- and Video Rules

While attending J-Popcon, either as a guest, a hobby photographer, official photographer, etc., there are certain rules that everyone taking pictures have to adhere to.

These rules are here for everyone to feel comfortable and welcome to J-popcon. Therefore everyone is kindly asked to adhere to these rules. In addition to the below-stated photo- and video rules, everyone must abide to the personal data laws (written in Danish).

Violating these rules can result in a ban from the convention-area.


The rules:

§1. Any pictures or video taken at J-Popcon on the convention grounds, must not be able to identify any individual person without their explicit consent.


§2. Any pictures or video taken at J-Popcon on the convention grounds, must not be used for commercial purposes under any circumstances, unless there exists an agreement with J-Popcon about such usage. 

Pt. 2. If such an agreement is of interest, please contact


§3. All signs addressing photographers on convention grounds, and instructions from organisers and staff, are to be adhered to at all times during J-Popcon.


§4. Unless otherwise is stated at shows and events (e.g. signs or personnel), pictures and video may not be recorded using additional lighting equipment, including but not limited to flash.


§5. Any recording of any kind is strictly prohibited in the movie theatres at J-Popcon.


§6. As a convention visitor, everyone attending a general area/congregation or event hereby forfeits the right to object to being taken pictures/video of by official J-popcon photographers, and later used as public press material for J-Popcon.

Pt. 2. However the material recorded by the official J-Popcon photographers must not be able to specifically identify a certain person without that persons explicit consent. At official J-Popcon events, the visitor accepts to giving their consent to an official J-popcon photographer, if they see that they are being taken a picture of without protesting.


§7. All official J-Popcon photographers must submit their material to J-Popcon after the convention. 


§8. Organisers and staff have the final verdict and authority if there should arise disputes or arguments about the photo rules.


§9. If any photographers are found in violation of these rules, a warning will be given. In severe cases, the access to the convention will be revoked immediately and the photographer banned from the convention grounds until further notice.

Pt. 2. If there is further violation, the access to the convention will be revoked without further notice. The photographer will be escorted of the premises, pending a decision on a ban from the convention (depending on severity).


§10. Any decision made by J-Popcon is final.