Parental Information

What is J-Popcon?

J-Popcon is an event organised by the organisation J-Popkai, which works towards spreading the knowledge about Japanese pop culture. J-Popcon has existed as an event since 2000 (read about J-Popcon's history)

At J-Popcon, there will i.a. be competitions (e.g. in the field of cosplay - a form of dress-up and acting), shows, and lectures (e.g. about Japanese fashion), social games, console games, and a Dealer Room. 

In addition, there will be food stalls who will be offering food and beverages as well as give insight to the Japanese culture, e.g. Japanese comics and cartoons (manga and anime).


Age limits

J-Popcon sets up a range of age limits and age-related offers as for execution of the convention, i.a. to ensure a safe and pleasant environment for everybody. For that reason, the following age limits apply:

  • Children aged 12 and under get in for free as long as they are accompanied by a person who has turned 18, whether or not the offer is used. Though only one child per adult. 

  • You have to have turned 16 to participate in the cosplay competitions, and 18 if you want to participate in the qualifications for the international cosplay competitions.

  • You have to have turned 18 to enter the 18+ area, where picture ID will be checked at the entrance.

  • Age-limited events can occur, where ID will be checked as well.
    If the event is age-limited, it will be written on the programme. 

  • You have to have turned 18 to participate at the convention as a volunteer (gopher, maid, butler, trustee and organiser).


General rules

It is not allowed to smoke or consume alcohol at the convention so you do not have to worry as a parent about this. Our 18+ area is not included in the alcohol ban, but alcohol can only be consumed moderately and it will be supervised by staff. The same rules apply to drugs - these are not allowed at the convention at all. It is not allowed to be at the convention notably intoxicated, and in cases like these you will be expelled from the area.

Some cosplayers use props, for example weapons - it is only allowed to participate with replicas and foam weapons that do not pose a threat to children and other participants at the convention. The Danish weapon law is always valid and additionally we have special rules regarding cosplay props. (read about our weapon/prop rules)

In addition, there are rules about clothing relating to cosplay competitions and fashions shows etc. that the participants have to live up to - clothing have to be sufficient to be decent. At all times, our organisers can demand that our guests change to a more covering attire, if the current is deemed too inadequate. 

Breach of rules will result in immediate exclusion from J-Popcon. The same applies to violent and threatening behaviour, as well as theft and other illegal acts. (read about our Code of Conduct)


Overnight stay and security

During J-Popcon, security will be taken care of by a professional security company, which is why you as a parent do not have to worry about potential problems with security.

J-Popcon offers overnight stays to the participants, also to participating children and their attendant. This takes place in sleeping halls, which currently takes place at Rysensteen Gymnasium. 

The sleeping halls will be under supervision, and your belongings can only be placed within the designated areas in the sleeping halls due to fire regulations.


Child certificates

Organisers as well as volunteers (trustees, gopher, maids and butlers) will solely be people aged 18 or over and have an approved, clean child certificate.


Additional information

J-Popcon’s reception is manned day and night and you can always find staff ready to assist you. 

During the convention, organisers and volunteers will be dressed in easily recognisable clothes and will be easy to spot, if you need their help.

If you have any questions, you are more than welcome to contact us: or at our Facebook page.