Food stands

This year, we have placed the food on the square outside the Dealer Room and offer a lot of exciting Japanese street food!

We are doing our best to find authentic, Japanese food for you to enjoy and experience a breath of Japanese food culture.

Come and enjoy the food on the square, and get a well deserved break at the same time.


Opening hours:

Friday: 17-21
Saturday: 11-21
Sunday: 11-16
NB! The stands may close earlier if they are sold out.

Stands 2019:


Akiko & David will serve Japanese beef curry, Dorayaki og Kakegoori (shaved ice).


      ( - Find their menu here   

Kuma CPH 

Serves okonomiyaki, deep fried chicken with homemade mayo (Nanban), and deep fried schrimps with homemade mayo.




Serves Teriyaki & rice, Ramen, 2* onigiri, Dango set, and Ramune (soda).


     (see Facebook: Chopstixcph)

Serves dumplings with pork or vegetables, Gongbao chicken, which is a bit spicy, with rice and peanuts, and drinks.

Restaurant Tokyo


Serves Soboro-don and Taiyaki, water, cola, and green tea.

To be continued...