Laura Salviani, France


Laura OwnName: Salviani Laura

Age: 23

Country and Home town: France, Paris

Height: 1m 60cm

Occupation: Fashion Designer

Describe yourself:
I’m a french cosplayer, I love mangas, animes, Japanese traditions and pop culture. I love my sweet lover, making crazy costumes, cooking and having fun with my friends.

And if you could only use one word?
Sweeeet ;)

What do Japanese ‘pop’ culture mean for you?
Japanese pop culture represents to me my childhood, my passion, my hobbies.

Tell us about your first meeting with ‘J-pop’ culture:
When I was a child, there was a TV show named “Club Dorothée”. This TV show was the first in France which was showing Japanese animes and I loved Sailor Moon, Ranma 1/2, City Hunter, Saint Seiya etc. I was very young. Later, I discovered new mangas, animes, Japanese traditions and fell in love with Japanese culture.

What do you look forward to experience the most in Denmark?
I’d like to meet Danish cosplayers and other Japan lovers to share my passion! It’s interesting to see how Japanese culture is loved all over the world.

Favourite series/character’s in anime and/or manga:
I like all mangas by Clamp. My favorite is XXXHolic, Clover and RG Veda. But I also like Evangelion, Sailor Moon, Fruit Basket, Death Note, Kuroshitsuji… My favorite Characters are Oluha in Clover, Asuka in Evangelion, Yuko, Mokona, Maru and Moro in XXXHolic… and many others.

How many years have you cosplayed?
4 years

Which awards have you won? (year and convention)
I’ve won some awards… It looks conceited to talk about this… I can just say that all of my costumes won one or more “first price” and “coup de coeur price”. I was once the french representative for the World Cosplay Summit in 2008.

What is the most important thing in cosplay? In other words what is your focus?
CHALLENGE. That’s what I love in cosplay. I like doing things which look impossible. The challenge is in the costume but also in acting and show. The character has to be alive! I like to go on stage to do the show, but the challenge is to make this show unforgettable for the audience.

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