What is J-Popcon?

J-Popcon is a festival celebrating Japanese pop culture

During the course of a weekend, more than 3000 people meet at DGI-byen in Copenhagen, Denmark, to enjoy anime, manga, cosplay, games, and other interesting activities from Japan.

With more than 20 years experience, the crew behind J-Popcon strives to make each year's event greater and better for all participants; 2020 is no exception. With its great cosplay show, the best dealers of Japanese goods, events, cinemas, and games, J-Popcon is a favourite meeting place for everyone interested in Japanese pop culture.


J-Popcon’s History

The organisation J-Popkai was founded back in the year 2000, where the first J-Popcon was held in November at Valby Kulturhus. At that time, there were about 150 guests attending the convention. J-Popcon was then held again in 2003. Valby Kulturhus was used from 2003 to 2009, where the number of members grew from 300 to 1500. After an attempt with organising larger events at the Marketenderiet close by, we had to acknowledge that we had grown too big for Valby Kulturhus and there was no longer space for all of us. 

We could have decided to stay in Valby and set a maximum number of guests, but instead we decided to expand and move to a new and larger playing field. From 2010, where we moved to DGI-byen, the number of members grew until 2015, where we had over 3100 visitors. 

J-Popcon originally started out in November, but in 2012, it was decided to move the date to spring. The reason was simply that it was not possible to rent DGI-byen in November 2012 and the convention was then moved to March 2013. Afterwards, and in conjunction with SVS-con’s last convention in 2015, it was decided to try and move J-Popcon towards April, since there was a chance of better weather. 


The Board of Directors and the Festival-Committee

J-Popkai is led by a board of directors which consist of 8 members who all have been a part of J-Popcon for the past 8-10 years and some from the very beginning.  The board of directors take care of the budget and financial aspects of J-Popcon and all of the major appertaining decisions.

J-Popcon itself is planned by a group of organisers, who every year put a lot of their spare time, blood, sweat, and tears in creating a fantastic experience for all of our many guests. The festival-committee for J-Popcon consist of about 50 organisers who have the overall responsibility and the total overview. 

Each area has their own team leader who is part of the control group. The control group is used as a connection point between the different areas and makes sure that the assignments which overlap are co-operated between two or more areas. The control group is also responsible for J-Popcon being organised as a complete event. 


Articles of Association  

The Articles of Association for the organisation J-Popkai, which hosts J-Popcon, can be found HERE (written in Danish).